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The Chain Reaction Scenario Goes Something Like This:-


Most employers like to pay as little as they can to their employees, this of course is not their fault. You know how it is, competition, the free market, profit margins and so on and so on. When the competition is another employer paying a workforce of intelligent machines and robots that do the exact the same job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whilst requiring no wages and very low maintenance costs, then the first employer would have no option, but to make the original employees (humans) redundant and go the same route as the competition. This is not something that may happen; this is something that is definitely going to happen. The price performance model used by business dictates that this is the only way it can go.



Intelligent machines and software will increasingly encroach into all sectors of the job market and could therefore, set off a domino effect that would have an impact on everybody. This is going to be very hard for anybody caught up in the situation of looking for a job, which eventually could be almost everybody. This potential domino effect, is going to make it very difficult for any government that wishes to keep control of its population, especially if that population doesn't understand the nature of the problem. The problem is that A.I. is not a hardware problem, it is in fact a software engineering challenge.



Question - what do you think happens if you create a cheap virtual accountant or lawyer?



Then consider the fact, that a virtual expert will be nothing more than software, so proliferation is assured, just like a virus unleashed on the net. The problems will get worse, because what most big companies and players in the markets along with most governments don’t understand, is that even very small companies utilising A.I. experts will represent major competition. I can see Angel Capital being poured into cheap startup companies promising low overheads and huge profits, because A.I. experts cost virtually nothing to run. This will mean, that the big players will also have to use the same or better A.I. systems, to keep their overheads just as low as their competition, which of course means more fuel for the chain reaction and therefore even more unemployment. Sept 11th showed us all that the global economy is fragile and chain reactions can occur.






VR / Transivity & The Macroscopic Neural Network (MNN).



The big question is how does one build such a complex A.I. system, read on to find out:-



A proposal submitted and reviewed by Marconi / Starlabs / British Telecom and Vodaphone laid out the principal design as follows:-



The A.I. system itself was seen as employing the network (grid) to form a kind of macroscopic neural network, and in this way the network was seen as emulating the brain’s own neural network in a macroscopic format, utilising distributed A.I. and computing techniques built into the software architecture.



An analogy can be drawn between the proposed virtual network and the brain, where the hardware running the network can be viewed as the brain and the software being used within the network as the mind. This is the premise for describing the proposed GRID setup as a macroscopic neural network or (MNN), i.e. the brains neuroanatomy is not yet capable of being matched in its processing ability or complexity in any singular computer system, but on a macroscopic scale, then at least certain brain functions should be capable of being emulated to some degree.



Most A.I. projects to date have not included visual and audio information in their approach to A.I, largely due to the cost of memory and processing power. The rapid advances in computer technology are now making this less of a problem. The problem of disambiguation seen in most A.I. systems, was seen as being less of a problem within the MNN, due to the overall completeness of it's available information intake. I.e. the VR style representation of data, along with the time and environment (microworlds) each object may be used and found within etc.



The MNN was envisioned as employing increasingly sophisticated transivity mechanisms within the grid so allowing each connected platform to act as an individual neuron modelling agent. The grid was seen as attracting a large user base via the use of good eye candy within each franchised microworld or VR database. The VR databases were seen as being a new killer app for the emerging ASP market.






The macroscopic neural network in English:-



Computer systems can be compared to the brain they are both just processors of information. Take a typical word processor, here is an application that allows for the transformation of inputted data through the application of a set of rules, those rules tell the computer how to interpret that information. If a computer system can run enough of the right type of applications in real-time, then it should be able to interpret or transform enough data and in real-time, to get it to at least simulate the act of thinking.



An oversimplified example maybe but included for the people who are not I.T. literate or who don’t understand programming. The application of one concept at a time, does not a smart machine make, or human for that matter, but the ability to process many concepts in real-time, should be seen for what it is, i.e. how to produce a very smart machine.



Common sense reasoning i.e. the ability to analyze a situation based on its context, using millions of integrated pieces of common knowledge, is a step I belief the proposed MNN could have achieved. If software does evolve to a point, to were it can begin to learn totally autonomously, whilst having access to the Net, then you work it out.



The mind and the body are integrally linked, in much the same way hardware and software is and if thought can be described as the manipulation of information within a system. Then any system biological or silicon should eventually be able to achieve intelligence once given enough memory and processing power. We all know computers and humans can store information, so I believe that it is only a matter of time until we evolve a software system that is capable of interpreting that information the same way we do or more likely even better.



To find out more on the mind / body problem, as some branches of science like to describe it, (trust me, everybody has a theory on the nature of thought), then check out:-



Rationalist Reading List empiricism.

The Columbia Encyclopaedia, Sixth Edition.

2001 Mind and Body - René Descartes to William James

The above information is included to give the uninitiated a jumping off point, into the deep blue sea, that is philosophy.






Avatars / VR and some of the hardware that could render the 3d images.



The new IGP ? - NV18 - R250 ? chipset range from ATI should allow end users to render some amazingly life like avatars on home platforms. Matrox is also back in the graphics war with their new Parhelia GPU supporting up to 3 displays simultaneously offering surround gaming + hardware displacement mapping, which means more lifelike characters can be rendered etc. DX9 will be compliant with these rendering systems.



The CG war is set to get even hotter, with a new range of GPU's (Graphics Processing Units) from SIS called the XABRE. 3d labs are also back with a new GPU called the P10 and if you have the money then you could always buy their Wildcat 3 board, complete with 416MB of onboard ram? (wow - I want one - best new shiny thing I've seen in ages). Of course, if you have that type of money then you should also take a look at ATI's Fire GL4 and Nvidia's Quadro 4 range, this is workstation stuff, not exactly for home use, but I wouldn't say no to one.



The big three as in IBM, Sony and Toshiba have announced their bid to produce a supercomputer on a chip, for use in the next generation of web access devices. The chip is codenamed, "CELL" and will give web access devices the same level of computing power as Deep Blue, the name given to the supercomputer that beat Garry Kasparov at chess. These chips are intended to be used in mobile systems and will also be powering the Playstation 3 when it arrives.






The Reality of the new VR Market place.



Most governments can only tax their own citizens, but corporations are about to tax the whole world, this will make it almost impossible for any single government to control them (even the US government couldn't tame the beast). Still not worried, then ask yourself this, who do you think is in control, the people or the powers that be. Just remember, absolute power can corrupt absolutely and this is power, because these corporations are about to create and more importantly own their own markets, this is your wake up call.



So remember if you go to sign your business up to Dot.Net, then Microsoft will own both you and your customer base, smart aren't they. Of course they will be able to offer businesses nice little incentives like an existing client base and targeted marketing information etc and on a global scale, in the form of all their, XP / Nforce / X-Box / Homestation / PDA and next gen software users etc, if you see the point.



Microsoft's goals are now clear and as big as they come. The big M is the Umbrella corporation, so wise up, because theirs only one degree of separation between your business being owned by the big M and freedom. Eventually every transaction that takes place within Dot.Net will be subject to M.A.T. (Microsoft Added Tax) a bit like VAT but with no discernable public benefit.



God Edward Bernays would be proud of them, imagine having the power to create and then own, your own global market, this is capitalism on a grand scale. I'm impressed, how about you, (NOT). Some of the biggest names in the I.T. industry are about to show us all exactly what real power is all about. The big question is, what do these forces have in store for us all and do governments never mind individuals have any power to stop or control them. Forget the corporate state, this is global corporate control of the masses, scared, paranoid, don't worry, you have right to be.



This I believe is one of the biggest revolutions in human history and the strange thing is, most of the public have no idea its happening. Although market creation is nothing new, the big M's plans are on a scale, that should just blow your mind and if it doesn't, then your missing the big picture. Microsoft and their friends, are going to end up owning the markets of the future and no individual or government, will be able to do anything about it.






The Bus.



People have asked me what has any of this got to do with me, so after pondering the question for a while I have thought up an answer that these people can get their brain's around, it goes like this. Imagine you are on a bus (the bus being the world) and in the back as normal you have the usual idiots killing each other, over money, oil, land, religion, ideology etc. Then you take a look around at the rest of the bus and see that most of the passengers are either asleep or to busy working to notice where the bus is going.



Now I like to think that I am a reasonably observant person and for about 16 years I have been staring out of the front of the bus and in that time I have seen the bus heading ever faster towards a huge concrete wall (nanotechnology and A.I.). So I look to the side of me, only to see a whole bunch of people squabbling over whose going to drive and I don't actually see many of them noticing the wall. So my book is my way of putting my hands up and saying hey have you guys seen the wall yet or what? Now if nobody takes any notice of me, then fair enough, but hopefully the book will make me enough, so allowing me to get off the bus, thus allowing me to move to Easter Island, when the proverbial shit hits the fan. (Send an e-mail to, if you also want to get off the bus).



I liken the current scenario to Germany in the early 1930's, with a few people telling the masses that there is a lot of problems on the horizon. Most dismiss the warnings and say no your wrong, if we all work hard then we should all be able to make money etc and get on, it will all work out ok, don't worry about it? Anyway, if you don't believe me about the dangers of A.I. then go see what Stephen Hawking has to say about it.



Also you should check out a prediction by top industry expert Ian Pearson who predicts the extinction of the human species by 2040 due to I.T. development. Plus the head of Sun Microsystems has been saying it for years.






A wake up call + Military intelligence.



If a hacker, rogue government, terrorist or bad A.I. system, manages to get hold or access to a quantum computer, then just about every current computer security system in the world could be breached, which once again, could lead to economic disaster. This is because a quantum computer used for code breaking purposes at least in theory, could compute every possible permutation to a possible problem in no time at all. So the standard RSA cryptosystem would become obsolete however large the key. Once again if we wish to use this type of technology then we have to consider all of the possible consequences.



The so called battles of the future will be fought in what military planners like to call the info-sphere, i.e. whoever has or controls the information will win the war. The A.I. systems of the future maybe able to dominate in this type of war, simply because they could absorb, process and respond quicker than any human. If this technology gets away from us, or terrorists unleash some type of bad A.I. attack, then the human races ability to fight back will come down to one type of defence. That is, that we may have to pull the plug on everything and in so doing, we would also in effect destroy the global economy, because that Virus, worm, Trojan or bad A.I. program maybe capable of hiding out in any device connected to the internet. I can actually see this being a distinct possibility, mind you one giant E-Bomb should take care of the problem.



The digital battlefield of the future could be turned against the human race, especially if A.I. and these new technologies are not very tightly controlled on a global scale. If certain war technologies are introduced by many countries i.e. space based weapons, unmanned weapons platforms (as the JSF looks like being the last manned US warplane that will be produced) and something does go wrong and all of the little green dots are turned into red dots by some terrorist, hacker, bad A.I. or unforeseen problem, then that could be the end of us all. I call this the Terminator scenario, remember the speech within the movie, the one that goes something like this:- All stealth bombers check out the B3 (will be nuclear capable) become unmanned and then fly with a perfect operational record. There are even rumours that the new Joint Strike Fighter now officially named the F35, will be capable of being flown autonomously.



Anyway Sky net gets built and then becomes self aware on such and such a date and then starts to learn at a geometric rate, it then decides our fate in an instant. Armed unmanned weapons platforms have already been used over Afghanistan in the shape of the Tomahawk cruise missile and spy drones equipped with hellfire missiles. These and future weapons platforms will become increasingly autonomous and even if the fire control circuit is controlled via a two way data link from the ground, then there is no reason why a bad hacker or bad A.I. program etc, couldn't seize that link. The military have this innate belief that they can control the technology they develop, but as soon as human being's are introduced into any mix, then nothing is truly safe and secure. Mind you a bad or rogue A.I. system may decide to use a biological or chemical weapon, to take out the human race, after all it wouldn't affect them much.



China is said to be developing all sorts of weapons, such as robot soldiers and nano satellite weapons, in fact most of the developed nations are working on some aspect of nano-weaponry, this would make today's chemical warfare systems seem positively primitive in comparison.



I believe the military and the powers that be won't be happy until they control everybody and everything, but common sense tells me that unless you disarm the whole world, then there is no real security. I think we must all be insane to allow all these so called rulers, to get away with developing these types of weapons, its a form of madness, have we not learned anything from the past?



Ever since the movie Star Wars came out, I think the military have been envious, I think they saw the Death Star and immediately said "WOW" we've gota get ourselves one of them. From that point on we've had Star Wars, son of Star wars now its the Ground-based Midcourse Defence System and

I don't believe the powers that be, will ever be happy until they get the ability to vaporise a single individual or continent via some type of space based death ray (also see in my opinion, Edward Teller staring as Dr Strange love).


The US airforce's own literature, says that they have got to become globally dominant in space. Their latest space based laser plans for the year 2012 don't seem to have taken into account the possible A.I. and nanotech chain reaction theory, as I said, I want off this bus.






Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.



Oh did I tell you the story, the one about the big bang, it all happened a long long time ago, in a Universe far far away. Well apparently it scared Erwin's cat off, it just disappeared. We looked all over Max's institute for it, but it turned up at Neils place, he said the cat was in a right state and it should be put under tighter control. So Mr. Dirac was sent to collect the cat, but as soon as he saw it, he fell in love with it, he thought the cat was very beautiful and decided to catnap it to Russia. Werner was quite uncertain about the whole thing, but Ste inherited the cat and then made everybody see, that in it's brief history, the cat had managed to change everything. Albert said he couldn't care less, because he never liked the cat in the first place. In Episode 2, Attack of the Magical theories versus the 11th dimension, we see the son of string theory go up against the force, and promptly disappear into an infinite equation.



Anyway I see that Nasa is now investing $600,000 dollars into anti-gravity research, or as it is now known, gravity shielding. I suppose in theory, if you can manipulate the warp that gravity causes in space time, then, it should allow an object to become independent of our space time. So in effect allowing it to travel at any speed. (EP violations, hinting that this maybe possible?).


Also M-theory (David Deutsch was right) is bound to open the doorway to speculation of inter-dimensional travel (Sliders or Stargate for real?). If multiple universe theory turns out to be right, then I can imagine the US military deciding that all Saddam Hussein's in all universes are now considered a threat, so promptly go and declare war on every dimension. If one looks at what the quantum theory brought during the 20th century (lasers, nuclear power, computers and maybe even fusion), it is hard to imagine what M-theory might bring in the 21st century.


For the Science Fiction Fans, hyperlinks included so as to show you how they are tied into the book.


The Future History Of The World

Nanotechnology, Aliens And Virtual Reality

First of all let me state that I am totally sane and this is just my personal belief, the future history of the world according to me Mr A. Keeling.

The obviousness of the underlying truth, is that when humans can intelligently manipulate and build structures at the same level that biological systems operate at, then there will be no stopping us building systems much more intelligent than ourselves. Just as obviously, this means that somebody eventually and worryingly will. Nanotechnology will give humans that ability and without a doubt this will result in some form of unforeseen interaction, I just hope we’re ready for it. The prospect of developing such systems with current economic, governmental and social structures left in place is an obvious recipe for disaster.

Virtual reality is coming to every home, in one way or another, whether it be in the form of the personal computer or some type of set top box or one of these new computer games consoles. VR in itself, can also take many forms, it does not necessarily mean that we will all have to wear helmets or goggles. VR is just a CG image displayed on any display device capable, this could be a TV or a computer monitor, and not just a head mounted display.

So as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and allows us to display and interact within VR, then we will also become accustomed to interacting and communicating not only with real people, but also with computer generated characters.

These A.I. characters could be used to acclimatise everybody, to communicating and interacting with creatures that are not human. This may sound strange but every time you play a computer game, then you are doing precisely that. What I am saying is that both the level of interaction and realism shown by these virtual creations will be so good that eventually you will not be able to distinguish the A.I. controlled characters from real people. This could lead to some very interesting scenarios arising, with people never actually knowing if the online interactions they are having, are with real people or not.

So people will be having interactions with lots of real and imaginary creations online, these creations could look like anything, just as they do now in computer games. So you could project your virtual self into a VR world and make yourself look like anything. Personally I would go online and make the VR me, look like somebody famous just to see who would actually believe it, but the point is, that you may never know if the interactions you are having online, are with real people, or something else. The something else, could be ALIENS or other intelligences, if you were a friendly alien or A.I. life form etc, and you didn’t want to upset mankind by landing on the Whitehouse lawn and saying "Hey earthlings hand over your planet or else", then I personally think this would be a great way for aliens etc, to introduce themselves.

These creatures could enter into the online community on the quiet and make themselves look like us, or even show themselves as they really look. In VR it wouldn’t matter because there would be lots of weird looking aliens and space monsters already online, created by us. This should allow them to gently transform how we would perceive them, so when we actually do meet them in the flesh, then none of us would actually be that shocked because we would have already spent years interacting with them. This is just my pet theory mind you, I do not have any hard evidence of other life-forms. If the powers that be, have already made contact and have decided that we are not ready to meet the aliens yet, I think that this would become the method they would employ to gently introduce us all, to these creatures or entities etc, along with how they may look. Films and TV  look as if they are already doing this, real proof of course is harder to come by.

Look at what Starlabs is up to, before you pass judgment on what is or isn’t possible. If that stuff is happening in the white world of research, then the black world is going to be even further along, because any legal restrictions will more than likely not apply. They are not the only ones working in these research fields, there are plenty of contenders, all pushing the edge of the envelope.

Nanotechnology is I believe the yardstick that allows any race, human or alien to become part of an intergalactic community. Nanotechnology is or will be, pretty much the ultimate manufacturing technology. It would allow any culture to create anything that can be seen or imagined, free of cost and atomically perfect. This I believe, is the last great challenge for any society to overcome, as in if they achieve nanotechnology without destroying themselves in the process, then they will be seen as being worthy enough to be welcomed into a universe, that is probably much less lonely than most of us think.

Hopefully virtual reality in conjunction with very smart machines, could educate most people into accepting this new type of society, let’s not forget the feeling of global community we could all get, from all being online with each other. If your best friend turns out to be in Russia and you live in the USA then you would probably have a hard time trying to convince yourself, that, that person was your enemy, and so probably less likely to nuke them, if you see the point. One big friendly online world, all we need to do, is keep on talking.

The faster than light travel needed by aliens  to reach us, or for us to reach them, will probably come down to some type of mechanical manipulation of space time. Possibly through the lowering of mass, by the manipulation of high energies (the linking of the forces), possibly through some type of anti-gravitational device using large spinning superconductors or so I’ve read. Manipulating gravity is the only real way that I can see to achieve faster than light travel. Gravity can be seen as the warping of space time around an object or mass. So in theory, if you can manipulate that warp, then, it should allow an object to become independent of our space time. So in effect allowing it to travel at any speed. (EP violations, hinting that this maybe possible?). Then there's the whole vacuum energy problem, anyway M-theory is bound to open the doorway to speculation of inter-dimensional travel (Sliders or Stargate for real?). If one looks at what the quantum theory brought during the 20th century (lasers, nuclear power, computers and maybe even fusion), it is hard to imagine what M-theory might bring, in the 21st century.

Anyway, this is now getting into the realms of speculation, just like saying that Area 51 or should I say the Utah Launch Complex (not likely by eye witness accounts) definitely has some link to aliens. The proof of these things will always lie with the people who don’t want us to know, after all, if we all knew what these people knew, then they wouldn’t be so important, now would they (remember knowledge is power).

If aliens etc, have been in contact with these important people, then here is a message, the games up we're on to you, we know who you are and we will be round to sort you out, that’s if you don’t tell us about the deal you have struck with the little green men. The X-files is all the proof we need to know that all these things are real, and we don’t care that you, as in the powers that be, tell us any different.

Some weird thoughts, if aliens, God, Gods, time travellers, angels, higher beings, spirits or whatever, do exist, then, just maybe they are so intelligent and powerful, that they could manipulate us all in ways that we can't even begin to imagine. If the brain works at, or is affected by events happening at the quantum level and these incredibly intelligent beings have the ability to manipulate us all at that level, then how would any of us ever know, that we were being manipulated?

Do you ever have the feeling that somebody is pulling your quantum pair?


Thank you for reading, I'm off to catch a bus.



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In the beginning.

How long do you think it will take

What's it all about

Virtualising all of space and time


1 – 2 Introduction

3 - Introduction continued - What's A.I. got to do with it.

4 - The development stages are seen as follows

5 - What is a virtual product

6 - What's Possible in the CG field and why you should be in it.

7  – Virtual products and background imagery

8 – The image database / The virtual interface

9 – The globally franchised database network

10 – Implementation

11 – The franchise

12 – This means global distribution rights

13 – Global distribution rights continued

14 – Marketing - Targeting the individual

15 - Creating communities / Educational uses for the system

16 – A laymen’s introduction to the concept

17 – A simple explanation of how computers can store and process visual information.

18 – The franchised network could support

19 – Virtual Concepts and the next generation of office applications

20 – More office ideas / Virtual web or page design / Bringing people into the tent / Microsoft Vs IBM

21 – Global television and other possibilities

22 – Microsoft’s possible development strategy

23 - Microsoft continued / Where Microsoft lead, the industry follows + The Microsoft threat

24 – Issues / Processing Power / Memory / Stand alone 3d constructs or Avatars

25 – Advertising possibilities

26 - 27 - Job creation / Telecommunications companies / BT is to share local loops / Windows

28 – The point is this

29 - Picture of the X-Box's graphics potential

30 - Article on magnetic microchips

31 - Article on new storage mediums - Holographic DVD's

32 - Unreal 2

33 - PDA's and Phones

34 - Windows Media Video 8

35 - The richest man in the world

36 - X - Box + Tech Specs

37 - Nintendo Game Cube

38 - E-homes / freestlye / Mira / oqo and the tablet PC

39 - The Playstation 2

40 - Additional information - Cannons 3d system

41 – A diagram representing the envisioned system

42 – A diagram representing the revenue generation structure for the database owners


Section 2 title page - from pages 43 – 56

43 – Title page

44 - The Great Virtual Land Grab

45 - Future possibilities for the proposed system / The peripherals market

46 -  Microsoft / Nintendo / Sony / Sega / PC

47 - Set top box’s

48 - Mobile phones and PDA’s / The virtual world building kit

49 Virtual interfaces / Virtual tourism

50 – Program content for a TV audience

51 – Bringing communities together

52 – More possibilities / More advertising possibilities

53 – Virtual concepts a brief breakdown

54 – Hostile markets / ISP’s / The 3d online market / The ASP market

55 – The virtual globe concept

56 – Online virtual assistant / Future Hardware Prospects


Section 3 title page – from pages 57 – 89

57 – Title page

58 – Artificial intelligence & additional information

59 – The grid concept / Accurate Virtual Modeling

60 - An example of pattern recognition / An example of A.I. & how the human brain works

61 - Speech and neural networks

62 – Learning from the environment & a key to consciousness

63 - An e.g. of applied patterns

64 – Applied patterns continued

65 - Artificiall reality and artificial consciousness

66 - Artificial reality and artificial consciousness continued / Intelligent picture interpretation

67 - Internally set patterns / Data representation

68 – Artificial intelligence and its relation to the database network

69 - Mental model building and people / A laymen’s guide to A.I.

70 - AR  / Enhanced Telepresence / Virtual Maps / Future Manufacturing

71 – Stage developments and some of the technical issues

72– Portable Scanning devices + other technical issues

73 – Virtualising all of space and time, this is a small explanation to go with the title

74 – Virtual concepts – technical section / Modeling software

75 – Modeling continued / Transivity mechanisms

76 - Interfaces / Industry

77 - Voice Recognition / Processing power

78 - A.I. characters and environments a more technical explanation

79 – Networks / IDTV

80 - The future / Distributed Artificial Intelligence:-

81 - The end result VR / Transivity and the macroscopic neural net

82 - A.I. Failures and why the MNN should work / The macroscopic neural network in English

83 – The evolution of the eye and it’s correlation to A.I. and VR / The behavioural or concepts database

84  – The concepts database continued / Predicted Bandwidth

85 - Software management / Software evolution / The next step

86 - The business proposition

87 - The business proposition continued

88 – FAQ’s

89 – The future


Section 4 from pages 90 – 185

91 –The big questions

92 - Passing judgment

93 – 94 - First a beginner course in Nanotechnology  / A.I., Nanotechnology and the end of money

95 – Future software and hardware

96 – Some of the possible consequences of A.I. and Nanotechnology

97 - The chain reaction scenario goes something like this - part 1/4

98 - The chain reaction part 2/3

99 - The chain reaction part 3/4

100 - The chain reaction part 4/4

101– 104 - Here are some examples of the technological domino effect

105 – WAR

106 - Money, Freedom, Power and Undercurrents

107 - It Will Never Happen

108 - The Good Guys Always Win / Warp Drive

109 - Paranoid Logic + Ignorance and The Market Place

110 - JSA + Raping The Future, So As To Pay For The Present

111 - Where is it all leading?  

112 - The consequences

113 - A possible solution

114 – The powers that be

115 - Old lessons new era

116 – The optimistic route technology could take us on

117 – An example of what’s going on out there

118 – The final step for the network

119 – 120 The end of money as a control mechanism

121 – 122 - Or maybe somebody has already thought of all this as in Mr Gates

123 - The Microsoft Problem / The Environment

124 – 125 - A personal view

126 - Rapid Prototyping (RP) - Showing the way forward, for all manufacturing

127 – First of all I must say, I am not a number, I am a free man

128 - 129 For the science fiction fans

130 - 131 The future history of the world, Nanotechnology, VR & Aliens

132 - Conspiracy Theory / Worrying Parallels

133 - The brain and the mind

134 – The end of the communications barrier between computers and humans

135 - 136 – Life

137 – The future of the human race and me

138 – The Bus

139 - The quantum connection +

140 - Silicon Life and Cyber War –

141 – Humans and computers + the basic model

142 – The basic model

143 - The basic model continued

144 – 145 - The basic model and the making of the tea problem + the Honda P3 robot project

146 – The basic model and me

147 - My Basic Model Continued

148 - 149 - A wake up call + Military intelligencel

150 Awareness

151 - Me on my soap box

152 -153 Smoke and Mirrors

154 - 155 - The Borg

156 - The system and you

157 - Conditioning

158 –The public

159 - 161 - Me / The powers that be and the system

162 – 163 The soul etc

164 - Technological short sightedness / Surveillance

165 - I have seen how the rich live and it is at the expense of the poor.

166 - The public consciousness / Small Cog - Big Machine

167 - 169 - We are in end times so the rumour goes.

170 - Additional reading material – soul catcher / etc

171 - 172 - UWB - Ultra Wide Band

173 - 174 - The Homestation

175 - Other Associated Reading links

176 - 178 -  Some nice pics to finish on

179 - 180 - Almost finished, but before I go here's a final bit of advice.

181 - 182 - A song written for the people, by my friend Joe Stanley - many years ago.

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