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The following is an independent review of the book by Alex J. Champandard author of AI Game Development

On a related note, I was also recently told about a new eBook, Heaven or Hell: It's Your Choice. If you've thought about having your own robot do your job, or even dreamt about creating true artificial intelligence, then you've probably asked yourself the questions at the core of this book: what consequences will the advent of strong A.I. have on society? Total bliss maybe, unemployment most likely... but this book takes those thoughts even further, in an attempt to raise awareness to the issue.

While the title and premise may sound a little science-fictionesque, the entire content is based on facts -- pulled together and analysed in an extremely clever fashion. It'll show you how most of the big players in IT are in fact striving to exploit the internet in a way that will inevitably lead to strong AI. As an AI enthusiast and amateur philosopher, these concepts really hit home. This eBook is the most enlightening thing I've read this year, taking me beyond amazement, even verging on fear. When you're used to working on specific problems on a day to day basis, seeing the big picture as described here will make you realise how close we are to true AI. Strongly recommended to anyone in the field!

Alex runs a completely unrelated A.I. website called the A.I. depot, his review is totally independent and he gains nothing from the proceeds of the book. So you will have to take him at his word that this is an ebook that you should read.


Not  sure who wrote this but here's the link:-

As much as I love technology and the things on this site, I cant help wondering where its all going, things are moving so quickly now and society doesn't know how to react and governments don't know how to control it. if market forces keep pushing new technology unchecked it could spell disaster for the human race
Anyways check out this free ebook at:-
It's an awesome book that spells out the problems nanotech and A.I. could cause in the future, its free, so go check it out, chapter 4 is the best.


Genuine Email from Diego Montoya, Biloxi, Ms USA.

Keep this in mind, I'm probably the last type of kid you'd think would read this ebook, I'm a hip-hop Latino kid living in the ghetto and your message got to me, so keep on spreading your word.

I really enjoyed reading your ebook, it definitely lived up to what your site says about it. It's really insightful and taught me a lot about A.I. and the actual reality of it. I'll put it like this, after reading your ebook, movies like The Terminator & The Matrix took on a whole new meaning. The nano technology part really blew me away, I had always known about it; I just didn't now about its possibilities as far as what type of things could be made by it. I think you made a good point on how the Powers that be have more control over us than we ever knew. I've never really been into politics, so now that I have read this, I really know that's it's just about power, deceit & money. That's what this world is run by and I personally feel that something needs to happen to stop this ignorance.

On another note, these corporations that are building A.I. reminded me of THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION in the "RESIDENT EVIL" movie. It was said, that these corporations had a large political & economical influence throughout the world, but what the public didn't know, is although they were working on military, computer, and other technologies, they were also involved in creating a new type of plague that would endanger humanity. Kind of what Microsoft and all the other companies are now doing, except they are doing it with Artificial Intelligence. I'm really glad you took the time to write this ebook & educate people on what's going on. And on top of that, its nice to see a percentage of your profits going to charity.

I really can't think of what else to say aside from this was a really good ebook and your views of the world and what reality is, actually makes sense. But I think that someone of power or influence needs to read this ebook and make the public realize, that A.I. is going to be a reality and probably a dangerous one.

The future is not going to be the Jetsons and people need to realize that. The only problem is, when you talk to people about this stuff, they act like its science fiction.

C'mon now, I believe 10 years from now its going to be real crazy and yet people still act like nothing like this can happen in their lifetime. I'm just 19 years old, so I know I'm going to see some wild events in my lifetime, possibly the events Prophesized in the bible. So these things talked about in your ebook just kind of fit into those events, but the thing about it is, even if the things stated in the bible aren't true, the fact that some kind of A.I. apocalypse is coming, is, that is unless we change the world and the way things are handled (doubt that).

Anyways, God bless you and just keep doing your thing, you got my blessings, peace out.

As stated, this is an ebook anybody can read, it is meant for ALL.