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The Basic Model And Me.

I came to realise a particular form of the basic model concept through observation and comparison. This came from studying not only my behavior, but mostly my behavior around others. I seem to have spent a long time in the company of people who seem to spend most of their time talking about, what appears to me, to be inane rubbish. This has had the effect of making me slightly introspective, I kept asking myself whatís wrong with me, after long and careful thought, I now ask myself whatís wrong with them. I seem to have caught a modern disease which is now affecting a great number of us, it's called, the quest for self.

Anyway the inane rubbish I keep hearing was the so-called interesting conversations about football, soaps and other such irrelevant information at least irrelevant to me. So when I tried talking about any of the stuff written in this ebook, I found myself usually being told to shut up or more usually, I am just looked at in a strange way. This behaviour led me initially to believe that most people must already know all this and all I was doing, is stating the obvious and thatís why they didnít want to hear it. You see around here, i.e. Liverpool, it kind of gets physically dangerous to say anything to another person, especially when that person doesnít really want to know. This has taught me to keep my mouth shut, for fear of getting it shut for me. So the shut up or you will get hit scenario, has taught me a lot about other people, this partly being the reason for writing this ebook. As it looks like this maybe the only time I will get to say what really I want to say and about what I really think needs saying, without the fear of getting killed for saying it. I live in a very low EQ environment.

On that note, I got punched in the face the other day by a fellow human being, who seemed to be part of a youth tribe as I like to call them. I stopped reflected on this for a second and then realised that I hadn't said a single word to this person or even looked in their direction or known him in the slightest, this was followed by the usual verbal abuse etc. I thought as a species, have we really evolved, because you really do have to question human intelligence when you come across this type of behaviour. By the way, don't worry about street crime etc because within 10 years everybody will be equipped with cheap portable surveillance gear - so everyone will be watching everyone else - street violence will be transmitted live to the web -so only the very foolish or at least the people who want to be caught, will commit such acts). I mention this, because having car bombs go off outside my house or at least very close to my house, is just par for the course, at least for the area I live in.

This type of thing doesn't really phase me or interest me as my focus has been on the wall, whilst most people only see their immediate problems, but I kind of think A.I. and nanotech is a slightly bigger danger than anything I see most average people concerned with. So I don't normally spend any time really considering other peoples problems or indeed my own, simply because they seem a little inconsequential, when compared to this coming problem. It's like this, they say get a job, they say what are you doing about your future Hal?, they seem to worry about a lot of things. I hear people talk at me all the time, I say nothing back of any consequence most of the time, other than yes or no answers, simply because what's going on in my mind, always seems a little bit more important than the problems they seem to think should be of interest to me. They talk about obvious things, that they can relate to at the end of the day. I also know if I was to dump most of the stuff within this ebook on them, well first of all they wouldn't listen, (I know because I've tried it), and secondly, most of them wouldn't understand, so I just don't bother.

Anyway I do seem to have an ability to predict the reactions of most people to the things I am going to say before I say them. This has resulted in me becoming an observer or maybe I already was. My survival instincts, have been honed due to the environment I find myself in, but this ability also seems to have led me to realise how people think. Its almost a case of me being able to  model the microworlds, that I see most other peoples minds living within, its kind of horrible. The only good thing is, that my survival instincts have managed to keep me alive, being smarter than your enemy or in my case, the people who wish to harm me, has managed to keep me out of many battles that could very easily have ended my life, that's if I had been stupid enough to open my mouth at the wrong time. The UK's inner cities seem to have turned into warzones, just go into almost any UK city, then you will see these clones, they all have skinheads, tracksuits and a look about them, that say's we want to hurt you. I see how these people think and it greatly disturbs me, it makes me worry about the future these people will help to define, they even have a name CHAVS. Don't get me wrong, if you go to nice areas outside most cities, then you can still be greeted with good morning, as you walk past total strangers. But it seems, that as millions of people get crammed into an ever decreasing space, then tensions seem to rise, especially when there's nothing for them to do, except work, eat, sleep, drink, mate and dream of how it could be. (Of course it could all be, just a fundamental attribution error on my part, but I am pretty certain I'm able to see the big picture?).

Modelling other peoples mind sets or basic models:-

Usually people have a reasonable understanding of their immediate friends, these are the people that we can usually pigeon hole or box off in our minds. For example, usually people define other people by job description or by knowing what the other person likes or dislikes, these characterisations, are what help us all to define each other. This can also be seen in social groupings, when there are usually people in a group that can be seen as isolated or not fitting in quite right. This leads me back to a form of the basic model concept, when physical characteristics are not involved, then fitting in, somewhat comes down to what each person knows and how we relate to others. (Slightly over simplified but it will have to do, because I donít wish to get into a psychology debate).

So the common ground for us all getting along to some degree is for us all to share the same basic model, because when we donít, it is my experience that it leads to large misunderstandings, usually followed by violence. For me itís a question of understanding and I find that the more I understand the less problem I have in dealing with most people. Understanding can lead to greater control, as they say in physics, no wonder some of today's kids seem to have no control? Anyway, this I liken to being able to individually box most people off (not all) into a section which occupies a certain part of my basic model or picture of the universe. My basic model,  I like to believe, is somewhere between quite big and very big and now I would like to describe my basic model to you, thatís if you donít mind (otherwise skip the next 2 pages).

In my mind, I am sitting at the edge of the universe looking in at it, it is not the only universe I can see, it is just one of an almost unlimited number, (multiverse theory). From this vantage point, I can also see both heaven and hell, now this may sound strange, but please bear with me. Heaven at least at one level, seems to be a place of lush green fields and a certain type of serenity but my problem, is even when Iím standing on the grass, I still seem to be looking up at the stars. Hell is all of the usual images (flames, the devil etc), along with a few personal nightmares (ex-business partners etc). Just thought I would share that with you, as once again, it all ties in nicely with the title.

Our universe, (or is it all in my head), is the usual black void, filled with many dots of light, one of those dots is our galaxy. So in my mind I can zoom into any part, of any of the universes I can imagine, plus heaven or hell and explore any possibility. The problem is, that this has also led me to becoming slightly bored with my own life, I currently find myself trapped, no money and the way the world works, can do this to a person. So I wrote this, partly in the hope that I would make some money, thus allowing me to hopefully go and explore some of these possibilities. Otherwise itís back to the dole queue on Monday, as a very famous writer once wrote, which in my case, is quite literally true. It is also happens to be my tribute to Douglas Adams, a great man, with a fantastic perspective, itís a shame that he had to die so young, but as he said, Donít Panic, it may all work out ok.


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