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We are in end times so the rumour goes - edition 2?

This is being written purely as a personal view but I believe the world is now entering into the most dangerous time in human history.

As I am writing this bit, the world trade centre and the Pentagon have collapsed and are still on fire, it is remarkable to see the worlds problems are now becoming everybody’s problem. The problems on one side of the world have now escalated into a global problem with no nation now appearing to be safe from what in principal boils down to poverty and ideology. As I said it would take a pretty smart person to get most of the worlds population to fight and die for causes, if the person being asked to fight and die, lived liked most of the powers that be.

One issue I can see in these acts of terrorism, is that these terrorists obviously placed no value on their own lives, so it is no wonder they seen no value in the lives that they took. The problematic situation exists, that blood calls out for blood especially in certain cultures. This means that every person who is personally affected by negative actions taken by others, inherently reacts in a negative way to whoever or whatever caused them the problem. So just like in World War 2 when the Jews became the scapegoat for the anger of a small minority of fanatics, this one event may trigger another type of labelling, with the whole of the Middle East being labelled as evil. This can not be allowed to happen because if it does then the West will instil a two way hatred between the West and the people in the Middle East, this will continue to grow until something even worse happens.

The fanatics of the world are a minority, but every act of perceived terrorism committed by either side in any war, will only result in making life harder for the people caught in the crossfire. The truth is, that we are all in the crossfire, because these terrorist attacks have inflicted an economic penalty on everybody.

I started with the title "we are in end times" and this is only a personal view backed up by some information that I have picked up on life’s journey

Society in general, is controlled through fear and hope, the worlds leaders have always known this, from religion to terrorism. I have glimpsed how it all works, its not just reward and punishment, it goes to the very core of human existence, from living a good and prosperous life to the depths of human misery. All the way to the grave, salvation shall be yours and everlasting life, in the world beyond this world. Heaven or Hell its your choice, you can choose, but choose badly and you will be dammed forever. Fear and hope has always been seen by the powers that be, as a very practical solution to managing the masses, but in my opinion, its not an ideology that can be allowed to continue. Bush and his friends, have sown the seeds for this generation and the next, their ideology has now infected the world = USA good and anybody who disagrees = the bad. To simplify the arguments to this degree, is to deny the intelligence of almost everyone.

I wish to know the truth, this is the approach we should all learn to take, when fellow human beings take on the role of leadership. If these people wish for us to accept them as leaders, then you must first learn to deny your own intelligence and the ability to act and think for yourself. With this ebook, I declare myself to be a free thinking individual born as an equal. Of course in the free world, it doesn't make any difference how free you think you are, because after all, it always comes down, to how free you can afford to be. I watched a drag queen, spend a million dollars on a set of earrings on TV, in a shop in Las Vegas, an entertainer of the masses, I then seen an advert asking for money to help the poor in Africa, just a couple of pounds a week so as to help this person stay alive?

Fear and hope, its a mind game played out in the real world, more fool most of us for joining in with it.

We are in end times, but take a look at history and you will see, that we have always been in end times, but accidents, illness and your own limited lifespan is probably a bigger threat to yourself, than anything else. The human race has been predicting its own demise ever since it had the ability to envision it, from Revelations to the strangelet. Although I predict in this ebook the many calamities the human race could become a victim of, I do believe that the human race, in one form or another will continue long after I'm dead. The problem isn't that robots may kill us all, the problem is that human beings are about to enter into a new technological era, but with no clear vision of how to deal with it.

Clearly the vision we should be working towards, is to get nanotech up to speed, so allowing for the production of free non polluting energy, food and  goods, etc,. If this can be done in a way that doesn't also lead to a form, of nano-WMD, then just maybe man can live in harmony, with both his fellow man and nature. As a species this has got to be seen as something worth striving for, rather than going into the future, with us all, just expecting more of the same?

The crumble of the markets, the terrorist actions taken out on the US, the western worlds response to those attacks and the up and coming and very probable chain reaction scenario, goes to  makes a global disaster look increasingly probable. Look at the effects these terrorist attacks have had, war in Afghanistan, Gulf War 2, the patriot act, plus the economy, jobs and the effect on the global consciousness etc, just goes to show how relatively small events, can lead, to global chain reactions. There is a genuine need, in my opinion, for the people at the top to grasp how these new technologies will affect everybody, because at present, I don't see any of them truly understanding any of the real issues I have raised, throughout this ebook. Without better vision at the top, then I see some major problems ahead.

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade centre and the Pentagon and the loss of life, actually pales in comparison compared to the amount of people who die every year because of poverty and natural disasters. The last Tsunami, should be seen as wake up call, to what we could all face, if global warming is not dealt with. Poverty is also a global problem and it is in these breeding grounds, the people can be found and manipulated into doing the bidding of the corrupt. Only the right type of education and the global elimination of poverty will help in the lessening of these potential catastrophes. At the top, we see a lot numbers being thrown about, 400 million from Gates or should I say a bunch of numbers being shifted from one account to another, what a guy. Plus of course the UK government is looking to fight poverty in Africa etc, I guess that's why they allowed Concorde to go over there, to pick up Mobutu and friends etc, to go on shopping trips?

The truth is, if the human race, can develop radical nanotech and implement it, for the good of us all, then an end to money is in sight, along with the global elimination of poverty and of course we could all stop screwing each other for a dollar. All goods, food and most services, could become free and dispensed to a global populace, that's if nanotech, robots and VR are introduced in the right way and this may also lead to the end, logically, to the capitalist ideology?

The truth is that the public are always caught up in the now, most people have only a poor sense of history, what is currently going on in the middle east and what is going on with trade, should be seen in a more historical context. From the Roman empire, to current US policy making, power shifts globally on a regular basis throughout history, with the collapse of one empire leading to the rise of another, the problem is, that the people trapped in the NOW only ever see the now. The despots of the world have to realise that power struggles will go on until the end of the time, (2012 according to the Mayans), but its all the same, the people in the middle are always caught up in a battle to survive, against the forces acting upon them. So the people in-between should, for the first time in history realise that the only way to win, is to unilaterally agree not to fight. So lets get everybody on the net to cast their vote and then see who wants to fight and who doesn't, then get all the people who do, put them in a field and then bomb the bastards. Just Kidding, but think of this, if over 3 billion people tuned into to watch Live 8, then I have a feeling that the majority, have seen the light, now lets see if the minority can be made to change?

It is speculated that some of the terrorists on 9/11 may have learned some of their flying skills by using low cost flight simulator software for the PC. Could this possibly be one of the first really negative impacts of VR, allowing terrorists to train or model scenarios, thus allowing them to plan such actions. As technology improves and proliferates, then it stands to reason that this particular use of technology will also increase. If the bad guys can organise this level of attack now, then it stands to reason, that it can only get worse. We stand in the midst of a new era, an era in which subversive elements all over the globe, can use the Net / VR and the West’s own technology and infrastructure to inflict damage.

Now the West has declared war on whoever, this will ultimately lead to more money being spent on defence, (see Titan Corporation / profits are up and investors are happy), which translates into more money being spent on technology. This may lead to some new technologies being developed earlier than there previous budgets, may have allowed for. The introduction of these new technologies may speed up the chain reaction theory. On that note, $961 million dollars has been allocated by the US DOD for the development of, revolutionary, propulsion, nano-stealth and manning technologies for a new family of surface combatants. And when the United States talks about achieving "global dominance" through space, it begs the question of whether fewer than 6 percent of the world's population has the right to dominate the other 94 percent. After all, people in the rest of the world aren't necessarily going to go along with this, I pinched the last bit, but whoever said it, was dead right.

If we wish to stop world wide terrorism then in my opinion, we should invade Switzerland or at least tell them to hand over any money that belongs to people who are connected to terrorism (they never say a word and yet they have managed to get rich off so many dodgy deals, including the Nazi gold scandals). The world wide banking network is partly to blame for these terrorist attacks. I mean these terrorist operations where well funded, so that money had to be transferred through the banking networks of the world, I mean, its not as if Osama Bin Laden carries his three hundred million dollars in his back pocket now is it, so at the end of the day, it must be stored somewhere within the world banking system. Trace the money and you will always find the people who have the capability to organise these types of attacks.

I personally don't know how you can stop global terrorism or violent disagreement between people, unless you can control the thoughts of every individual on the planet. In the west, consumerism, money and the implementation of a standardised education system has managed to keep most people in there perceived places to a large degree, but to implement this type of brain washing on a global scale, now seems to be the true aim of the US and some of it's allies. The US terrorist attacks, look like being the excuse the powers that be, have been looking for a long time, so as to implement or speed up their globalization plans, pacifying the world one country at a time, making the world a safer place for business? The US is already busy assimilating the UK, we are the 51st state. Anyway it's debatable as to whether or not they have taken the chain reaction scenario into their considerations, but another distinct possibility, is that they actually have seen it looming on the horizon and they are now trying to stabilise the whole world before it hits and are also trying to put in global safeguards to protect their interests?

On that note, these people should understand, that what technology is about to do, to us all, is a species level event, which can not be calmly decided in board rooms over coffee or just decided by the political elite. This is bigger, than any group of us, so this stuff needs to be openly discussed and dealt with in the public domain, that's if we wish to truly understand and deal with the all the up and coming issues raised within this book. If a thick unemployed dolee from Liverpool like me can see it, then anybody can, just remember, the rich man, tells you your poor, more fool you, if you believe it, we are all equal. By the way, the top A.I. guy in the world said to me in an email, that great minds think alike, but the man down the job centre said I should look for work in a bar or get some IT training?, also I've noticed, that the government bombards you with TV adds saying, go on become more educated and get ahead, just remember its all a mind game. It has nothing to do with work, it really is, all about the money.

I see a future in which we are all implanted with chips that will carry our individual details on, the chip will also keep continuous track of us, whilst allowing a two way data feed, monitoring everything we do and say. Whilst each of us is given an allowance, which the powers that be say we can spend, on any of the nanofabricated goods, that they say we are allowed to have. God its the village, with each of us being issued with work units?

The terrorist attacks and the latest plans for ID cards (or entitlement cards?), show that the public has eventually been manipulated into buying into this strategy. The threat of terrorism, has once again, been used to push policies that in reality have nothing to do with the terrorism, it just goes to show the publics inability, to see the truth behind yet another smoke and mirrors campaign. Most of the terrorists, had forged documents anyway, so falsifying an ID card would probably be an even easier task for them. As I said, just smoke and mirrors to distract the public. The call for ID cards, I believe, is yet another step along the slippery slope to some future legislation, which involves us all being permanently tagged. The next step would probably allow them to attach some type of stun device to each of us and an A.I. program constantly monitoring our actions, the moment we broke the law, well you can guess the rest. Your all new digital guardian angel watching over you?

Some people say and think that true machine intelligence will never be possible, I always think, what makes these people think their intelligent?

I can see programmers looking at code and reading this, saying to themselves, do you know how dumb this stuff is right now, and the answer is yes, I most certainly do. But imagine having unlimited memory, bandwidth and processing power + an increasingly large section of the worlds population, helping with the input of data and debugging of your code. This is the reality of current and future networked systems, eventually the code will be able to debug itself and adapt itself, to the problems we wish it to solve. Endless feedback loops, with billions of users, programmers and programs interacting, it's already happening but this is nothing, compared to the potential of tomorrows systems.

Imagine the programs of tomorrow as children, millions of children that is, all learning from us and teaching each other.

I think the Human race is about to create a new version of Frankenstein's monster, if we are not careful.

 A.I. could become the new dominant intelligence on this planet and it may happen sooner than any of us think.

As I Said

Heaven or Hell it’s your choice.