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Below is a preview page of a new E-book - "Heaven or Hell it's your choice".  If you would like to know more - then why not go ahead and download a free shareware preview here. This ebook is endorsed by some of the smartest people on the planet.

The Future Of The Human Race

The future of the whole human-race is at stake and unlike any other time in human history, humans really do now have the ability to destroy everybody on the planet at the touch of a button. We owe it to ourselves and to the generations that come after us to try to manage these coming changes and to get it right, because this is not something that future generations can fix or put right for us. If we don’t get the next 50 years right and manage to control all of the technology that is currently being developed, then some of the A.I. scientists predictions, about a war developing between machines and humans, will happen.

The problems and suggested solutions I have shown in this ebook are just my own personal take on what’s going to happen, but logic suggests that a market driven economy will have to develop the technology in the way suggested and will just as logically have to use it. The pace at which developments are now occurring in all of the technology sectors, should make everybody sit up and pay attention. The world needs a new focus, not based on corporate greed, power or money but what this technology can do so as to benefit us all.

Now for a bit of me, I keep thinking that if my ex-business partners hadn’t stolen my money and wrecked the business, then things might be different and I would have a brighter and sunnier disposition but as it is, I don’t. The problem is I am now bankrupt and have only managed to scrape by, trying to avoid the outside world, why you may ask, simply put, because all the outside world ever seems to want of me, is money. All people seem to be interested in is money, how much you have of it and how much you will give to them. Sorry don't want to generalise, but you see, most of people I have met in my life are like this.

The government doesn’t seem to care as long as you’re not another jobless person making their statistics look bad. Training schemes and anything else they can conjure up, is the government order of the day, anything to make it look like they are doing something and helping people back to work. Low unemployment figures are no indication of how a country is doing, that's if most of the people working, are doing something they hate and getting low pay for it. We should ask permanent secretaries or top exec to go and work for minimum wage, cleaning toilets etc, just see how far you get. The point is nobody in their right mind wants a job, unless they are going to get paid for doing something that they actually want to do, which is probably about 0.000001 percent of the population, or unless the pay and time off is brilliant, which of course it rarely is. So most of us, just struggle on in the vain hope it will all get better and after reading this you’re probably thinking it won’t, but just remember that people run the world so it is up to us ALL.

Hopefully we will get the near future right, without greed and our own short sightedness, winning over what should be seen as common sense to anybody who has understood this ebook. The problems we are all about to face will take a concerted effort by us ALL to sort out, but the greedy and powerful will have to come to terms with being a little less greedy and a little less powerful. This should be seen as politically correct, I mean isn't it, the powers that be, who keep telling us, that we should all be getting a fairer deal?

I often wonder, if the governments and multi-nationals of the world know about and understand all of the up and coming changes this technology will bring with it and if they do, then would they bother telling us. The people at the top always seem to want to know everything that is going on and before anybody else, so as to capitalise upon it?

If they don’t know all this, then their policy making is based on ignorance or more likely, it’s just based on the

"what’s in it for us factor"

It’s only when it affects them that it becomes a problem, this is the thought process of most people. In my case it’s nice to know I’m right, but within my current environment, being right also means being classed as stupid. We are all born into a world that should not be the way it is, so it is up to us ALL to change it, we can all see the problems if we care to look. If history teaches us anything then it should be this, people are all equal, but whenever you have a system based on hierarchy, then you will always have a rebellious section of society that will not accept it, this inevitably almost always leads to conflict between the state and the oppressed. (I'm Spartacus). Now we live in a winner takes all society, that is increasingly being seen by some as wrong, the French revolution could happen again, that's if the difference between the haves and have-nots, is not squared away. A high EQ is not required to get ahead in today's society, ruthless people seem to be winning, this can not be allowed to continue, that's if we want a  nicer, fairer society?

I am tired of listening to people who no nothing about science or I.T.,  tell me about the plans they think I should be making for the future, when in my eyes they have no clue as to how the future will be. This is one of the reasons I wrote this book, I got tired of listening and decided to do some talking,

End of Article Taster - The Future Of The Human Race

If you would like to know more - you can download a free shareware preview version of this ebook here.

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