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The workforce

From ancient Egypt to modern society, the workforce has been the cornerstone on which any civilisation exists, without it nothing gets built, maintained or done. This is why government training schemes and the herding of people in the direction of getting a practical job, has always been paramount to any system working. Of course the people at the top know this, but new technology is about to screw with this ideology in a big way, I don't think most people or most current systems in place, are prepared for any of this.

Just remember, the system does it's best to instill you with a working class mentality.

In other words the system psychologically manipulates you into believing, that the only thing you have to sell is yourself.

Now I'm actually smart enough to know that no one wants to buy me, so I had to come up with something else to sell.

So I wrote this eBook and I hope you have brought it, otherwise I will probably be forced to sell myself once again, to some idiot or corporation for minimum wage.

Someone said to me, why don't you start up, your I.T. recycling company again, blood, sweat and tears, leading to bankruptcy - no thanks, they then said, well, you will have to do something, I said........ you mean, like write an eBook, publish it myself, get it endorsed by world famous people, that sought of thing, oh yeah - said the rather conventional, brain washed working class advisor, to my troubles?

The thing is you really do have to learn to sell something other than yourself, because everything is geared towards training you with a working class mentality, in other words:-

The system provides you with job centers and training, but it is all geared to presenting you with a choice of options that best suits the state and industry. They are like magicians, they present you with a range of options, but at the end of the day you invariably end up picking an option, that best suits the powers that be. If you want equality, then you have to see through this, because the only way to win, is to not even get involved or to play the game on their terms. On their terms you immediately give up your right to equality and they in effect, already have you controlled, see the truth of this, it is, as I have said before, an amazing set-up.

Train yourself up, so as to become a better product, this conditioning is the work ethic at play and at almost all levels of society it is just a mind game, grow up and see it from the other side, they need you to believe in it and to perpetuate it.

If you don't believe me, then look at it this way, why tell the unemployed they should attend job centre's or label the unemployed as job seekers, as I have said, it's just a mind game, WAKE UP. Selling yourself is the only route they leave open to you, they don't teach you how to play the market or look at the situation from the other side of the fence, they train you and funnel you in a way that suits them. They even have the the average worker, so brain washed that the average worker will defend the working class mentality, it's incredible to watch, people at the bottom defending the very system that keeps them there.

Anyway in light of these new technologies, then both sides (the manipulators and the manipulated) will have to learn to compromise. Plus we will ALL have to learn to work together equally and in peace, no more rich, no more poor. The workforce of the future, will be the machines that both we and the machines themselves create. The burden of work can be taken of the shoulders of man and laid firmly at the feet of machines, but only if we are smart enough to control the machines.

So when machines can do all of the things you can do, and do it cheaper, then you had better find something else to sell other than yourself. That's of course if we we^re all stupid enough to use the same economic models that we have today. The economy has to change, so as to fit the technology, not the other way around, the economy, the powers that be and the workforce will all have to reach a new agreement or suffer the consequences.

If we get it right, then the economy of the future will not be strictly determined by supply and demand, as technology itself should be able to meet almost any practical demand we put upon it.  If we do develop a manufacturing base using nanotechnology along with an A.I. workforce, then supply and demand could easily be met in almost all quarters and in effect a life of luxury could be had by all, but only we are smart enough to keep control. Current people or workforce management systems have grown from the mentality of the industrial revolution, in which each employee was trained to do a set job (the division of labour). This Victorian type mentality applied to a modern workforce, trying to meet the speed of change brought about by modern technology is a disaster which is already beginning to show itself, within many industry sectors. The workforce can no longer keep up with the pace of change required, so as to stay useful in the modern workplace and it's about to get much worse. This is a key reason for me personally writing this eBook, this is the wake up call, all sides will soon have to confront or suffer the consequences of their own lack of foresight.

The rich are ok you see, most of them don't have to learn the details of how to do a job, that's what they trained you to do. All they need to do, is understand the rough concepts and if of course your super rich, then you don't even have to understand the concepts, behind the businesses you put your money into, after all, that's what advisors and market analysts are for ? So go learn, study, become that expert at the end of the day, the more qualified you are, the more useful you are, at least to them or as a rich person once said to me, training, learning, exams etc, God, that's just making money the hard way? Of course, if you become very qualified, then you can always earn enough, so as to become an investor yourself and then you also, can become yet another advanced parasite, living of the backs of others?

Government initiatives to retrain the populace will become increasingly pointless, in the light of what is to come, the people at the top need to change their mentality, not the people at the bottom.

The people at the top should also keep in mind, that they no longer control the information, so the workforce can now become smarter than the mill owner?

After all, some mill owners even setup schools, so maybe this is what some of them wanted for us?

1989 - 1991 THANKS to T.B.L. for freeing the information?

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Author Alan Keeling