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Imagine another version of the virtual workforce, imagine users who never actually see their workforce. A robotic workforce operated by an unseen workforce in another country.

Imagine robots of the future being remotely controlled via the net, telepresence being used to operate these new servants of the people who can afford such things. The rich already employ cleaners, house maids and staff, but the amount of scandal that often comes out when these people dish the dirt on their former employers can cause untold damage, so these new  robotic telepresence workers may seem like a good idea, after all, the ability to listen in, could be switched off?

As I said, in a virtual future, will the rich even notice the poor?

Business people talk about home working practices as a current problem area for some employees, I can just imagine a future in which pissed of robotic telepresence workers wreak havoc across the globe?

Just remember that interactive remote workers, using VR, telepresence and robots, could also be used as a learning platform for A.I. systems, with millions of virtual workers, helping to teach neural network programs, so eventually leading to an even cheaper software based, virtual workforce, being produced.

Think of it this way, the 3rd world produces workers, so imagine you have a cleaning woman instructed in the use of telepresence, who electronically steps into a robots shoes on the other side of the world, she spends an hour or so cleaning house, she then logs out of that robot into another, 9 hours and 9 different robots later, she clocks off. Now as each robot has many capabilities, then as the telepresence cleaner steps out of one robot, then a telepresence gardener etc could step in. A 24 hour a day robotic workforce, controlled via a 3rd world workforce, who never see at least in the flesh, their own paymasters. This could become the ultimate version of the ownership society, with the rich living off their dividend payouts, whilst the poor generate the wealth, that the rich then skim off the top, via their stock market investments. Of course governments and industry will hail this as the dawn of the robotic age and it will be packaged and sold to the masses, in much the same way everything else has.

A nice happy society of equals, working equally together then, towards a better future?

Right up until, terrorists hijack a robot for their own purposes, after all they have already started using the net for their own purposes. At which point the people with the money, will want their security guaranteed, so everyone who is recruited to work globally, who is in anyway capable of causing problems, will have to be identified, checked and in effect monitored for potential terrorist links. Which could ultimately mean, that the power elite will eventually get its own way with us all, the ultimate global big brother society?

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Author Alan Keeling