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Plumbers and economically controlled people

First law of economics = Supply and demand = all the world needs a plumber, there are no plumbers?

So supply training = more plumbers = happy society, with good waterworks?

But produce too many plumbers = unemployed plumbers, in other words too many workers, not enough work.

So retrain them.

In the modern world - economics controls almost everything and as can be seen from the example above, this includes people, my problem with the "system", is that most people never manage to fully realise what has just been exampled. These are the minds of the people, that never wake up or spend their lives asking why is it, like this. These people would love a straight answer, but as they say in the computing world, garbage in - garbage out and seeing as how most people, seem to get most of their information from popular TV, radio and newspapers, then garbage is well and truly what we see, in the minds of most of the masses.

Expecting advertisers, businesses, politicians etc, to say hey look, it's like this, you are a standardised, graded, economically and to some extent, ideologically controlled rent a product for both government and industry, is to expect a little to much, from the overlords. This is why popular TV / adverts etc, don't include references to philosophy and ideology as a rule, because this may start the masses thinking, its much better to tell them they should love their bum. As I said garbage in - garbage out, so what do you have blasting at you all day, buy this, buy that, just remember to leave the thinking to someone else, because that's what they want? Millions of people with manufactured personalities, ultimately you are the product. Ask yourself this, do you think for yourself, because if you look around you and you find yourself thinking in a similar way to everyone else, then that's no accident, it is by design.

Anyway, at one time I was a shop worker, then an electrician, then a managing director, then a technician, then a manger of an I.T recycling company, then an author, then unemployed, then a Google adsense profiteer? I get asked all the time what are you, or who are you, if I say I'm an electrician then everyone goes, oh ok, if I say I'm an MD, they go, oh wow and if I tell them I work in a shop, they usually go, oh, do you enjoy that, if I say I am unemployed, then they usually go, oh I'm sorry to hear that, or look at me in a funny way. Now I'm an internet billionaire and everyone loves me?


 I am a human being, not a fucking job description, see this labelling for what it is, it's all a fucking mind game.

Supply and demand, we demand equality.

If you supply people with the right type of training, information and a nice environment

 then you can train almost anybody to do almost anything.

No matter how big an idiot they maybe?


Or in the words of today's youth,

I am whatever you say I am?

Economically controlled people, the masses are largely oblivious to how and why it all works the way it does, but most of the people who understand all this don't want your average drone to see it the same way the powers that be do, because if you did, then you may not play ball. So just get a job sucker and play out the role that has been economically mapped out for you, almost from birth, just remember to keep all the little people at the bottom, thinking small?

Government backed training, is available for almost any practical skill society needs, except one, how to become rich enough to eventually get the fuck away from everyone else, which is strange, because as far as I can see, this is what most of society wants?

Don't believe me, then how come the richer most people get, the bigger, nicer and more exclusive their homes seem to become?

Don't see many rich people living down my street, that's for sure?

We had joy, we had fun, we had islands in the Sun



Maybe one day, we could all just relax and enjoy, the beauty of it all, instead of most of us being packed and herded in to inner cities?

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Author Alan Keeling