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The easiest explanation I can use to explain nanotechnology is to use the chemical equation H20 and as everybody knows, this is the chemical equation for water. H20 or in English 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, put them together and there you have a water molecule. Another example:- Coal and diamond are both made from carbon atoms, the only difference between the two, is how the carbon atoms are arranged. So once we have the ability to intelligently manipulate atoms through the use of what’s known as a universal assembler, in other words, a very small machine that allows us to control matter and in anyway we like at the atomic level. Then this ability should allow humans to build anything we like and at almost zero cost, except for the price of the raw materials and possibly the blue prints. So pour some carbon atoms into a nano-assembling plant, then tell the universal assemblers to rearrange those carbon atoms into a diamond formation and there you have it, as big a diamond as you like.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms or a combination thereof, so when humans finally build a machine that can reliably manipulate matter at this level, then it should  be possible to build almost anything free of cost.

Nanotechnology is not even seen as being the ultimate technology anymore, there is now talk of Pico technology i.e. engineering at the sub atomic scale. If the human race ever does achieves this technological miracle cheaply and reliably, then absolutely nothing, would have any value any more, this would be alchemy for real.

"nano" "pico" and "femto" to "atto." And just in sight is "zepto." ?

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