Mind games

I know I'm supposed to play the role of the slightly thick unemployed person and the person behind the desk is acting out the role of the official, where the system meet's the meat, shall we say. But on a holy different level I just see another human being, that is also in effect acting out a role that they are slightly oblivious to. I find myself so often met by officialdom and corporate entities, automatons, mind, body and spirit separated by training in their preferred or more usual, their imposed occupation, due to economics rather than choice?

So I can either play along and become just like them

 or as I am trying to do with this ebook, at least in my own small way, I am learning to say


I will not fall into line and I will not be manipulated, mentally or economically


 play the unequal partner to the rich.

You can't buy me, at least for any price, yet offered?

I wonder what the world would be like, if we all behaved naturally, rather than pretending to be?

What do I mean?

How do you define yourself, by wealth, social standing, job title, ask yourself?

Are you really any of these thing's

now think hard?