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Investors a Definition?

Investors / shareholders = advanced parasites = people who have realised that they don't have to work so as to make money. All you have to do, to join this group, is one have money in the first place, then buy shares in companies that do make money and then skim the profits for yourself. So the working class can work as hard as they like and the harder the better, because at the end of the day the investors are the ones making the money, smart or what and don't even get me started on the bonds market (gamblers paradise). More investment leads to a growing economy and therefore a better world, yep millions of people living of the backs of others, leads us all to a better world? I know I can't talk, imagine an ex-unemployed person talking about the rich as parasites. Ok then, I will don my hat and get to work then?

McDonalds / Burger King / Pizza Hut - fast food, it's goof for you and good for them?

Don't worry technology may even have an answer, to the fatty problem?

Of course anybody with any sense has a nice portfolio, 15% on average in junk bonds + some blue chip stock and some index funds etc, oh sorry you're poor and you probably don't have enough to risk investing - oh well get back to work sucker. You know what's funny to me, is when you hear about the FTSE / Dow Jones and the stock market etc everyday on the news and I then I think back to school. Because the fact is, that not once in my entire education did these subjects ever get discussed, not even on the curriculum, how about your education, was this stuff ever mentioned.

Of course nobody hides information from you, but I liken this, to that age old get out clause, well you never told us, well you never asked? E.g., could you please tell me more about Adam Smith sir and his theories, how do you know who he is, we never told you, now go and learn about crop rotation or some other mind numbing BS. The people who have had a good education, maybe blind to this, I have noticed some people who have had a good education, seem to assume, that what they had been taught, is the same we were all taught, NOT? By the way, I had to educate myself, because the system forgot to, I wonder just how many others, it also forgot?

I often wonder why it is like this - I think it is because, as the age old saying goes - you're educated stupid, not necessarily born stupid. Why teach the working classes how the system really works, at the end of the day it doesn't really have anything to do with them anyway? You see if we all became investors then who would do the work, it's a catch 22, because if we all did become investors, whilst living of our dividends, then the system would devour itself. You see we could all get rich, but the question then would be, who would we all be getting rich off? The working classes are exploited because generally speaking, they don't know any better, at least this is what most of the rich and powerful seem to think?

Think about it.


So the next time you find yourself unemployed and they say, we have the following jobs available, say back to them, Umm I was actually thinking of becoming an investor, any chance you can recommend anything at the moment, how's IBM or Coca Cola doing? So down the job centre, say look give me a wad of cash, (I hear the European social fund, has a bit going spare, so as to help unemployed people), plus the number of a good broker and I promise, you will never see me sponging here again?

This would obviously serve many purposes:-

1. Investment is always seen as a healthy indicator of economic growth, so the money should be seen as being well spent?

2. Investment may also lead to new jobs being created. so allowing me and my unemployed pals a new opportunity to work.

3. The government of the day, could then once again claim victory, in their ongoing battle to lower unemployment figures, so everybody should be happy?

4. Also the advisor down the job centre could receive a credit, towards meeting their quota of getting people to sign off the dole, so allowing them to collect their bonus.

5. Or my favourite, they sent me to (Reeds), an employment zone, now then check out their spiel, it tells you, just how much this company has made and what a fantastic investment their company is, at least for their shareholder. Their economic growth is phenomenal, now that's a company worth investing in, but it's funny, when I was sitting in their class room, sorry high pressure sales, no sorry, educational environment, they neglected to mention, the investment opportunity right there, under their own roof, but they did mention some other opportunities, including working in a chicken packing factory, along with things like, additional I.T. training?

6. Or try this out on them, look in a capitalist system, full employment is not welcomed, this would lead to a crisis, in which nobody could be exploited, at least in terms of an easy to tap cheap labour force, so I am fulfilling at least a partial role in society?

7. I was also going to tell them, that even though I knew the chicken job would have allowed me to gain valuable work experience?, I had already envisioned that lifestyle choice in my head and decided it was for turkeys? The chicken job, would also have never allowed me to earn enough, so as to become an investor myself, thus allowing me, to sit on my arse all day getting richer, off everyone else's labour?

8. They said I should get a job and stop sitting on my arse all day, because this is what the government wants, they said, people have to work you know, I said I know and I promised I would, as soon as the right type of investment for my time and labour, came along?

9. I said don't worry though, because I will spend my new found quality time, looking for new markets to tap, plus even  more ways, to fleece the poor, of the wealth, you have helped them to create :-)

10. I know the role I am supposed to play, I know the mindset I am supposed to have, when forced into this type of situation and I know I'm not supposed to see the big picture or how I am being manipulated. Psychologists would call it the power of the situation, millions of people all over the world and in many ways, fall into this type of trap every day.


11.  The powers that be and the manipulators are trying to bend us all to their will, shame on us, as a species, for allowing this, to be seen as acceptable behaviour. Freedom is choice, the poorer you are, the less choices you have, but to be forced into capitalism, without most of us first having had it properly explained to us, well, that's a real shame, I wonder how many of us would have voted for it, once we understood it?

Anyway, imagine trying to rationalise everything in this eBook, with potential employers / interviewers etc, who are just looking for somebody who is singularly skilled and capable of doing the job they want done. I face people everyday who have no clue about any of the things mentioned in this eBook. So when they talk at me, I just keep my mouth shut, because it is far easier to play dumb, rather than spend God knows how long trying to bring these people up to speed.

I often wonder how many other people live their lives, just like me, in silent disbelief at the ignorance they see all around them?

I have said it before (not in this eBook though) and I will say it again, get a clue before you become a victim of the system, or work for them, and become an enforcer of the BS, the BS that says... individual wealth determines how you are treated?

You can, be as smart as you like, but the system only cares about how much money you have.

Of course the top investors may gain or lose a bit on the old stock market, but at the end of the day, if things get really rough, then most of them will just sell their stock and then buy some less volatile commodity, such as gold. They then just have to wait it out until the market recovers or should I say, the time is right, to skim the profits once again, produced by the working class, (this being why Magrethea slept?). Of course the working classes or should I say the non-investor, just has to put up with this type of exploitation and the consequences of stock market meltdown. Although you would think the masses by now, would have demanded a more equal sharing of the wealth, they generate. So at least when they find themselves out of work, then just like the top investors, they would have a nice little nest egg, to fall back on?

Nope got to keep them working and for so many reasons?

Or maybe one day, we will all eventually become investors reaping the rewards of the wealth generated by the machines?, but I doubt it.

The ownership society, means that governments can off load responsibility onto the private sector and the individual?

 This is scary, because companies make profit or die and investors don't invest in companies unless they are going to get a good return. So a corporation maybe able to entice investors into building, let's say, 10,000 fast food joints, so making a profit from an expanding population, but let's say you ask the same investors to pour money into putting up 10'000 homes for the homeless, well, I hope you see my point?

If you wish to become an investor then here's a link for you, it is a laymen's guide to online trading.

 So remember to quit work, learn to become an expert in this stuff and start to make a living off the backs of the working class.

Make the spread and make some bread or be economically forced into minimum wage, it's your choice...NOT.

So when A.I. and cheap imported virtual labour puts you out of work, remember to ask the employment zone, to send you on their stock market trading course, I did for real, but all I got.....was a puzzled stare? I remember being sent to the supervisors office at the employment zone, at which point, I was basically asked why I wasn't prepared to play nice and fit in. My reply, because according to forbes if you wish to become a good business leader, then you need to stand out. Once again I was met with a puzzled stare, so I then showed her a copy of the magazine, I was met with

and I quote:-.

 "Oh, is it that one of those lad's mag's"

At which point, it was my turn to look back with a puzzled stare

 So anyway, just keep in mind, that if smart software etc, ever puts you out of a work, then this is what you could look forward to,

in other words,




 with educated people

 who may very well

be in control of your future?

I will not conform I refuse to put on a uniform and become whatever they have economically forced me to become?

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Author Alan Keeling