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Inferior learning apparatus.

I understand that we need an education system, but I would just like to add these observations>

I liken the current system of schooling to a form of torture for those kids who don't fit in. If you don't like school because you don't feel safe there, then learning within that environment becomes almost impossible. If you're an adult then you have some choices about where you go and who you hang out with, but at school you have no choice. To me it's like being told to go drinking in the most violent and dangerous pub in your local area everyday. But we force kids to do this and some suffer permanent mental and physical scars because of it. So as VR learning from home becomes available then most public education systems may end up being replaced via online teaching systems. With web cams, robot teachers, VR etc, then one teacher maybe able to connect to many remote students working from home, which parents may feel more secure in doing rather than sending their kids into harms way. The linking and monitoring of both kids, parents, students and teachers through the net, may make even more sense to local authorities not wanting to maintain the cost of public school buildings, especially in hard to reach rural areas and it's already happening in some places.

Some US schools - now have armed police officers permanently on patrol and the UK maybe going a similar route. So I think the home learning experience will replace public schooling eventually, but this could create a bidding war for the best teachers. Also seeing as how some students are now beginning to sue education authorities over bullying etc, (these little people have no idea what they're up against, the system will not let you try itself), then both government and the taxpayers may switch to learning from home.

Out with the old and in with the new - yet another way technology is changing society.

Captains personal log:-

Most teachers in your standard comprehensive you have to understand are just local people who never managed to get ahead in life, so they end up doing crappy teaching jobs (generalisation, but relatively true). What I always think is ironic, is that if these people had any real brains then they would have gotten much better jobs or would be working within the teaching profession at a much higher level or in much better schools, rather than trying to tackle most of the animals found in your standard inner city comp. The point is, these people tried to teach me and I kept thinking, God why am I listening to these people, after all, if this is the furthest they got in life, then they can't be that smart? (I apologise upfront to most teachers, but generally speaking I always found the teachers, teaching me, to be rather small minded).

I can feel the villagers gathering and the torches being lit, burn the monster.

I would love to see philosophical and ideological debate take place in your average school, because never in my education did this happen. If you never get to question openly the fundamental basis upon which society is based, then in some cases it can lead to a form of psychosis.  I kept asking why is it like this, I see many other people also being mentally trapped within a society they find to be very strange, it is only through my own pursuits, that I have discovered philosophy, science etc. The education system at a certain level just seems to be geared towards turning out, standardised, graded, economically and to some extent, ideologically controlled automatons for industry, which in reality, is exactly how it is. Of course the little people at the bottom are not supposed to see it in these terms, in fact they are never supposed to see it in these terms. I see people going to their graves, never knowing how this setup works. These peoples initial programming, stays with them for life, just get a job is all they know. This is a crime against humanity, millions and probably billions of mind locked people, never truly understanding why things are the way they are.

A lot of popular TV seems to me, to be just like junk food, too much can be very unhealthy, but the masses have already become addicted. Popular TV sells them everything and yet tells them very little, free choice, there is good TV if you look, but most don't, why, because their minds have already become locked into certain behavioural patterns and from a very early age.

Some radical Islamists, such as Sayyed Qutb the ideological inspiration behind Al Qaeda, described this state of mind, in his own terms, it goes something like this, the children of the west are living in a state of barbarous ignorance. Now I'm no radical Islamist but the guy may have had a point. As proof of this I offer up the kid who hit me in the face, he is after all, a product of the aforementioned system, so the way I see it, is this, the kid who hit me in the face is not the real problem.

The problem is society and the education that society receives, which knowing what I now know, is at least in my eyes, fundamentally flawed. There's no sense of community any more, at least in the inner cities, so these kids have no community control or ideological basis to work from. Community control, has throughout history. been a major factor in curving adolescent bad behaviour, because usually communities grew out of a form of mutual co-operation and if a kid or kids or anybody for that matter, got out of line, then seeing as how most people knew each other, then it was usually sorted, via parents and relations, who knew each other. Nowadays most people don't even know who their neighbours are, never mind people from a couple of streets away. So seeing as how bullies, the ignorant and generally bad people are not very worried, about a bit of violence, then it's usually very bad people. who go out a lot and get together a lot etc, whilst a lot of the good people, stay at home, in fear of them?

I like to describe these problems, as the industrial revolutions aftermath

Most people are just a 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation product of the standard education system and as I said, I think this system is fundamentally flawed, so no wonder we see the problems on the streets, that we have. Personally I believe, that people who are forced into capitalism, without understanding or choosing it, can literally be driven mad by it. Capitalism is I believe, not a natural state of being, for most human being's minds to exist within? The counter argument is this, we need some type of system, I mean we can't just have anybody and everyone running amok?

But the hypothesis put forward above, should show you exactly why, the current systems we have,

 have managed to fail so badly, at least at street level?

God I should give up my day job and take up Social psychology full time?

A lot of these kids now live in their own little worlds, literally within their own information bubbles. So Imagine you're raised on popular TV, rarely read anything and listen to manufactured pop all day, given only a modicum of information at school, so the mind gets used to living in that environment and your friends also live in that environment. Its no wonder a lot of these kids can not function or maintain self discipline, especially when their reality bubbles, come into contact with other peoples, especially when their bubbles do not gel together, at least in a metaphysical sense. with others. This I believe, leads to ignorance and misunderstanding, that so often spills over into a barbarism, which can often be seen in any UK town centre on a Friday night?

Now many people would say, ideology should be left to the individual, but I say, teach people enough, so as to intelligently question any ideology they may come into contact with and then just maybe, conflicts could be solved and at all levels within society, intellectually, rather than violently.

I think it's worth a try, what do you think?

Of course in reality, this happens.





On another note.

Strangely I have also heard debunkers and the people who as far as I'm concerned don't have a clue about I.T. They say machines will never become smarter than humans, because we programmed them. Generally for this argument to work, then I could never become smarter than any of my teachers, but I don't believe any of them even mentioned the cognitive sciences to me. Einstein was not taught the stuff he realised for himself and we often work in groups so as to allow the extra knowledge contained within each of us to extend our own abilities beyond the individual. The MNN was seen in the same way, with 1000's and potentially millions of smart programs working collaboratively together, so as to produce a greater intelligence and knowledge base. Each individual program may have been written by a group or a single individual, but when you consider that I don't know how to use all of the options on the Sage account package and yet I understand most if not all of the things written within this eBook, then does this mean I'm not smart?

It's this issue I would like to explain to you and I'm sure if you're in the I.T. industry, then you will have come across it yourself. I have seen how most of the I.T. illiterate have managed to place computers into a neat little box inside their minds, this box say's, that if you say you know a lot about computers, then these people automatically assume that you know everything there is to know about every single program ever written. This is a situation I personally have seen on many occasions and it's usually the people in charge who think like this. I have seen people with only a smattering of I.T. knowledge being asked to work programs, which they have never seen before, because they are supposed to be I.T. literate and then when the person can't do it, the boss will scream and shout because they are blind to their own ignorance of the problem.

The point is, that the great majority of the I.T. workforce are in fact not I.T. literate, they maybe able to use office and windows, but as the next generation of A.I. equipped virtual workers become available, then most bosses and the  I.T. illiterate, may discard their workforce, in favour of what they see as an easier and potentially cheaper solution to their problems. This is about smart interfaces and programs, so allowing even the idiot boss to end up, doing what you do. So the question is, how smart are you and do you think you will be able to compete in this probable future scenario? Or imagine millions of Telepresence experts and workers being available to employers, global competition in the job market may take on a whole new meaning.

A large part of academia is still based around the principal that the division of labour, is still the best way in which to educate people. This is why we have specific training / education, but the big question in my mind is, does this type of system, produce well rounded people or just blinkered individuals. When faced with the future predicted in this eBook, these people could become very dispossessed, simply because they where not informed enough, by TV and the government or within their own educational background, to see it coming?

Finally on this note, I recently sold my second hand PC to an elderly gentleman who is on some UK government backed training scheme, so as to help the over 50's or something, get back into work. I set it up for him, I switched it on for him, I then said ok there you go, he said ok, so what do I do now, I said well that depends on what you want to do. He looked at me blankly, I said well you double click on the program you want to run, he said what do you mean "double click". By the time these people get up to speed, it will all be too late, its yet another way for the powers that be to keep us all busy or maybe it's because they are mostly I.T. illiterate and they don't see what's about to happen in the I.T. industry, these people are redundant before they start, retrain the populace, I say get a clue, to the people at the top. Don't retrain them, just level with them, tell them how the system really works, tell them how their minds work and tell them how they have been manipulated on mass, tell them, before the chain reaction becomes a real problem, tell them, so they can then make rational choices about their own actions. Otherwise if the chain reaction takes a hold, then they will be part of the chaos, rather than the order.

The flip side of all this, is to consider what happens with no education?, I don't advocate this, what I am trying to say, is that education should allow people to see all sides and all the angles, no more manipulation of the masses just to produce malleable individuals for the military, industrial complex. It seems like we have a nation of headless chickens always running around looking for the best job, never wising up to why it is, they're running around in the first place?

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Author Alan Keeling