This is insane, (just thought I would use a different colour etc), how are they going to sell these things. Errrmm, how many blanks do you need sir, errrmmm, lets see now, 650 million megabytes you say, yes sir, errrmm, I think one should do it then, talk about destroying your own market.

On top of this, there are so many competing memory companies, I mean, is it just me, or can you see the absolute bloody stupidity, of all this. Plus chip manufacturers may find it a little difficult to keep selling new processors to the masses, when grid systems can supply enough processing power to any connected device that has access to the bandwidth. The masses won't pay for it unless they can see a noticeable difference.

At the end of the day this stuff belongs to humanity, not a bunch of companies. It has taken the human race some 6000 years to develop this stuff, so in effect we all own it, see the truth of it.

Green - I'm pining for the fjords.