THE US CONGRESS is considering making fast forwarding through video advertisements a crime.  Lawmakers in the land of the free have decided that it is costing their chums in the movie industry far too much money and want video fast-forwarders placed in the same league as pirates.

Un bloody real, can you imagine, your watching your favorite show recorded on your new Sony mega media centre, that Sony was happy to sell you

when all of a sudden the cops bust open your door, because you accidentally hit the fast forward button, on the advert trying to sell you one?

The world's insane, all the problems highlighted in this eBook and here we have the US congress debating issues like this. How could such a law be enforced and I wouldn't mind, but at the end of the day it's all in the name of the unholy dollar. As I said, the legal system will not be able to keep up with the coming technological changes, that society will have to come to terms with. The answer to most of these coming problems is explained on the common good page.

Don't worry though, the big M seems to agree, we should all have to watch adverts or else - bloody ridiculous?

Microsoft has filed a patent where a user's subscription or rental fee on viewing content can be based on the user's viewing habits.  For example, this would allow users to be charged fees for fast forwarding through or otherwise skipping over the commercials on TV, whether it is a recording on DVD, video-on-demand service or even a program on TV/Cable/Satellite.