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A film put out by the socialist party - a film you should watch, but when watching it keep in mind that they say you would have to go back 1000's of years of to see how the Rex's gained power and how ownership of property brought about most of the problems we see today. Just remember in Rex's world and at all levels - promotion doesn't come from being nice?

The truth is, if you wish to see the Rex's of the world, hard at work today? then you only have to take a look at how the ordinary people of Russia are becoming modern day victims of the capitalist system, some benefit , whilst the majority suffer.

You should watch capitalism and other kids stuff, then when you have finished go and watch property to die for, the parallels that can be drawn, are uncanny.

Just remember the world can not be brought, because it belongs equally to us all, doesn't it?

The animated policeman tells it's own story, so remember the police are there to protect and serve - the question is, who do they protect and serve, the public, well I think there an after thought, that's why Bush said law and order must come first in Louisiana. Shooting at looters, wasting man power, chasing down thieves, because property comes first, at least in Rex's world?

Keep in mind that in Rex's world, then if you wish to get ahead, then getting ahead is usually based on merit, the question is, who do you see getting ahead in Rex's world and what type of merit is rewarded?

Money, money,, just remember you'll probably never get truly rich working from 9 to 5, you really do need to tap a market or in other words, take a little of everyone else?

I was hit by the coercive state administration as exampled on page 159, Pauline and her pens fell on me like a pack of wolves all trying to get me to conform - I managed to escape by the skin of my teeth. Rex employed these morons to help me or was that bully me?

They seemed to think that just because I was poor, I was also stupid and now that you have hopefully read this eBook, you can make your own mind up about that, no fucking I.T. skills they said to me and I should clean toilets.

Look at this form - I was TOLD to fill in - arranged an interview for shop assistant etc - if I took any of these types of jobs and fitted in with this type of thinking then how stupid would I have to be?

 Positive liberty, no sorry, I mean do you want fries with that, bollocks to the Rex's and their fucking ideology,

It's all a mind game - grow up - see this type of mental manipulation for what it is.

You have seen videos throughout this eBook of my local environment and it's inhabitants and they wanted me to clean toilets around here?

Fitting in at this level, for someone like me, is suicidal.

I conformed for the first 20 years of my life and that's all their ever going to get out of me, I managed to engineer my own escape out of the system, just in a way, that they will never understand?

I have no love for the system as you can see, it tries to keep you disposed and tolling away in one dead end job after another and for who's benefit?





A page dedicated to RICHIE a good friend of mine -who died far to young, in the service of the Rex.

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Author Alan Keeling