The Bible Code II by Michael Drosnin

In The Bible Code II, Drosnin spends the bulk of the book promoting his thesis that the Bible code predicts a nuclear holocaust (the End of Days) in 2006.  Drosnin, let it be clear, does not believe in God or prophecy.  In his view, some advanced civilization left a message encoded in the Bible to warn us of impending catastrophe. 

Or not.  As in The Bible Code, Drosnin argues that the codes merely warn of possible outcomes, that we have freewill and can choose our destiny. 

I'm with Mikey on the freewill thing.  I'm not with Mikey on the rest of this stuff. 

Oh, this is rich.  Where to begin?

Let's start with the obvious.  There is almost no content to The Bible Code II.  Drosnin hammers and hammers on one "code", which appears in a great many matrices throughout the book.  This matrix centers on the phrase "in the end of days" in the plaintext of the Bible (it appears at Deuteronomy 4:30).  If you read Hebrew, this phrase is "b'aharit ha-yamim". 

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