US and UK aid agencies are alarmed about what they say is the diversion of over $1bn in foreign aid funds.

They are concerned the funds might be used to pay for the War on Terror and the re-building of Iraq.

The agencies told the BBC that if a trend of this kind continues, the UN's aim of halving extreme poverty by 2015 is unlikely to be met.


How much was spent on the war again?

Then think about the fact that Iraq is over 300 billion dollars in debt and mostly to the west. This is a debt that was mostly run up by Saddam's regime, this money is now to be paid back by the liberated people of Iraq?

This money is owed to the likes of western arms companies, that sold Saddam his WMD. So it looks like the average poor working stiff in Iraq, will have to pay taxes, which in turn, will go to pay the national dept, which will in turn go to pay back the same people who helped Saddam stay in power.