Meart” is the second phase of our research into semi living artistic ("intelligent") entities. MEART is a geographically detached artist. Its "brain" (dissociated rat neurons grown in culture)is growing in Atlanta and its body is in Perth. The brain and body interact through the internet (TCP/IP)in real time.

Meart explores our abilities and intentions in dealing with the emergence of a new class of beings (whose production may lie for in the future) that may be sentient, creative and unpredictable. “Meart” takes the basic components of the brain (isolated neurons) attaches them to a mechanical body through the mediation of a digital processing engine to attempt and create an entity that will seemingly evolve, learn and become conditioned to express its growth experiences through “art activity”. The combined elements of unpredictability and “temperament” with the ability to learn and adapt, create an artistic entity that is both dependent, and independent, from its creator and its creator’s intentions.