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A white man with a beard plus a nice smile and quite possibly invented by a pharaoh 100 years before Moses went in search of the promised land?

How to cause controversy and annoy people, delve into religion, best way I know, so here goes.

Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaton decides to do away with all the other Gods and only have one, he then sets up a new city, a couple of hundred miles up river from Thebes, in a place called Akhetaton. Now it sounds at least to me, like a pharaoh gone slightly power mad, in other words this guy sets himself up as God's one and only personal envoy on earth (sounds familiar). Anyway he then makes sure all of the other God's are destroyed or proclaims they don't exist. Sounds like a hostile takeover bid if you ask me or at least a good way, especially back then, to consolidate ones powerbase. Anyway this guy and the cult of monotheism rises and falls in under twenty years. So this new garden of Eden or city he builds up river, falls into ruin and decay, as the populace and the powers that be, decide to go back to the old ways, i.e. many Gods + good marketing rights on all of the false idols etc.

So anyway, along comes Moses about a hundred years later and he then obviously becomes a believer in the one true God (a crime by this time). He then gathers all the other believers together, so as to then go in search of the promised land. A mythical place of milk and honey or just maybe a mythical city, built a couple of hundred miles up river, by some ancient crackpot, who originally started the rumour, that there was only one true God.

Of course you know how it is with rumors, they grow in scale, change etc, so by the time Moses and his generation got to hear about this new garden of Eden and the one true God etc, then just like any good revolutionary, any Idea that bucks the system, in essence becomes a rallying cry for the dispossessed and back then, there was probably quite a few dispossessed, especially after the chaos brought about by Akhenaton's reign. So your choices back then, where either join Moses and the gang in search of milk and honey + enlightenment and whatever else was promised, or stay, as a dispossessed soul in a chaotic land of anarchy and corruption. P.s. King Tutankhamen was probably the son or brother of Akhenaton and just maybe, he wished to bring back the one true God and therefore the high priests of the day, had him knocked off, it's the JFK, RFK of its time?

Oh ok, so Canaan was the promised land of milk and honey, but I prefer my version?

Sorry if I offended you, God told me to tell you this, so as to put you all straight on a few issues.

In a similar way, Bush, Islamic extremists and the pope etc, all claim that they are acting in God's name?

Just remember God is on everyone's side?

As I said at the beginning of this eBook, Aten the Sun God, said let there be light, if that doesn't make you think, then nothing will ?

Who or what is God and does this entity really have all the answers, to every possible question?

 A scientist's dream or an instilled illusion by ancient powers so as to control the masses, who knows?

Last time I talked to God, I was told that people should stop fighting and be nice to each over for a change. I said great why is it then, that you never personally intervene and sort it all out yourself. I was then informed that he works in mysterious ways, oh I thought, well that must mean, that this eBook is also in some mysterious way, down to God.

 I was then told that yes it was, but if anything bad happened, because of what was said in the book, then this was down to somebody or something else?

I was then told, that this is similar to how politicians and governments work

so I should be used to it by now.

Oh I said, now I understand, the people at the top are untouchable and if anything good happens, then they should get all the praise for it.

I said yeah now I really have got it thanks for spelling it out!

Same old shit then, do as your told, ask no questions and everything will be fine, plus if the people at top tell you something, then it must be true?

Anyway I like to see a man keeping with tradition, God's reprehensive on Earth, can be contacted as follows:-

His Holiness the


Apostolic Palace


Vatican City - Italy

fax 39-6-69-88-50-88

So why not send him a fax and ask for the facts, see how far you get.

If God is all knowing all seeing all powerful and he created us, then what is God playing at.

For me to believe in an all knowing all seeing all powerful God (usual definition of a God, used by most religions), then surely this being would be able to see into the past, present and future. If this is the case, then God already knows everything about the human race

what it is doing, going to do and already done?

My problem with this idea is this, if he knew all this before he even created us, then hey God, thanks for all the wars etc?

If you are a creationist or deeply religious etc, then please excuse my humor / sarcasm, I can't help it you see, God created me this way?

On the God theme, human beings need reasons for being here, because unlike most species, we are very aware of are own mortality.

Without some perceived  reason for being here, most people would probably revert to more basic instincts and maybe that's why we developed religion or certain believe systems in the first place?

Hope n Fear, control mechanisms for society, be good and the hope is you will go to heaven, be bad and the fear is, you will go to hell.

Oh yeah, its also the title of the book?

Heaven or Hell great title - fits all the subjects covered.

Like I said,

I believe in something, I just couldn't tell you exactly what or maybe I need this, so as to make my own life, feel like it has some meaning.

One last thing, is God saying we either believe in him or else?

Heaven or hell it's your choice,

ok, so I don' believe

then bad things will happen to you,

so what are my options again?


Plus, what happens if we ALL turn are back on God, then what

I mean is he still our God?

or will he abandon the human race to the devil, nice guy.

Save me

 heaven or hell, so what's my choice


Now where's Dawkins?


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Author Alan Keeling