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Section 4 / Page 99

The Chain reaction continued 3/4

The current manipulation of the virtual work force (also known as social dumping), along with companies trying to exploit any spot market they can, within cyberspace, should worry anybody who truly understands the economic and social ramifications of these actions. This is part and parcel of the chain reaction scenario which is already beginning to rear its ugly head. A lot of businesses and governments are scrambling to get their people clued up and into this new e-economy, but most people don't have a clue and don't truly understand the ramifications for themselves and their businesses... if they don't join it. (UK government adverts proving the case. i.e. get online). I have more personal experience of this type of I.T. illiteracy than you can imagine.

Anyway governments and companies can not expect the public to all become geniusís or e-business traders, I say that, because this is what it's probably going to take to keep most of the economy going and the population in work. Also, most employers are increasingly looking for the best-qualified and knowledgeable people in the field in which they are hiring and at the best price (the price performance model).

Machines or smart software will eventually become the experts and at the right price, so even the most qualified, may find themselves eventually being pushed out of the jobs that they may have spent years studying for. Most likely this will result in most of the population being left out of work; even the most qualified may have to go and find new professions. These new technologies may also relieve this situation if implemented into a new ideological system, allowing the public to enjoy a much higher quality of life, without the fear of becoming, monetarily destitute?

If companies or governments try to keep going with the current economic structures left in place, then they could find the world being plummeted into two distinct groups, the people with jobs or money and the rest of us. This is going to become an increasingly problematic situation as this technology creeps ever closer, hopefully plans will be made to alleviate the increasing pressure that we will all feel under due to the introduction of certain technologies. There is no point in ignoring the problem and hoping it wonít happen, it will and in that sense the world will have to come to terms with the problems this technology will create or suffer the consequences, the fools who think it will all be ok, are exactly that.

The very infrastructure that holds our communities and lives together will become the battleground in which these new wars will be fought. This technology will permeate every aspect of everyday life and will no longer be hidden in the laboratories of the world. This has already happened with the advent of the mobile phone, but compared to what is coming, the mobile phone is going to look like a couple of paper cups, strung together with a bit of string.

Integrated technologies will result in wearable devices that will become more capable than some of the most powerful computers we have today. The advent of new storage and processing technologies, will give people access to incredibly powerful machines that are no bigger than a standard PDA. Once hooked up to a network connection and grid systems, these PDAís will become incredibly smart and powerful.

Imagine having a PDA that understands any language spoken fluently and can also translate any spoken language to any other. Each PDA could also use intelligent software to answer any question you may have, either included in its own internal memory, or it could go online so as to find the answer for you. Think extremely advanced google type search engines, with user friendly easy to use and access avatars, for the mass market. Itís going to happen and is already being worked on in one form or another. So if these PDAís become widely available and cost effective as they surely will, then we could all find ourselves asking our PDAís, to do most of the work that would normally have been done, by a of lot different and varied experts.

Intelligent software will make a lot of experts redundant especially when you consider that expert software programs will give you back a completely unbiased opinion without any hidden motives and virtually free of cost. This could make them the option of choice for most people or companies looking for the best answers, imagine an expert unbiased lawyer that you didnít have to pay. From India to China, the next stop is Africa, could smart software be the ultimate destination, for the virtual workforce?

This smart software is going to affect the whole of society long before the advent of molecular nanotechnology, so if society doesn't see and deal with it, then society could find itself crumbling from the inside out. This will result in the domino effect that has already been pointed out, but it could be more like an uncontrolled chain reaction, where the domino effect happens so fast, that the situation could destabilise society and lead to a very explosive confrontation between the public and the powers that be. This is the problem that I foresee happening and sometime within the next 15 years, so itís about time we all started worrying about it. The uncontrolled and market driven proliferation of certain technologies will logically result in this happening.

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