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The Chain Reaction Scenario Goes Something Like This: -

Most employers like to pay as little as they can to their employees, this of course is not their fault. You know how it is, competition, the global market, profit margins and so on and so on. When the competition is another employer paying a workforce of intelligent machines and robots that do the exact same job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whilst requiring no wages and very low maintenance costs, then the first employer would have no option, but to make the original employees (humans) redundant and go the same route as the competition. This is not something that may happen; this is something that is definitely going to happen. Intelligent machines and software will increasingly encroach into all sectors of the job market and could therefore, set off a domino effect that would have an impact on everybody. This is going to be very hard for anybody caught up in the situation of looking for a job, which eventually could be almost everybody. This potential domino effect, is going to make it very difficult for any government, that wishes to keep control of its population, especially if that population doesn't understand the nature of the problem.

This will become a very big problem that cannot be tackled as it happens. Plans have to be made in advance and the population will also have to be informed before it happens, this transition could occur very quickly. The industrial revolution occurred over a couple of generations, the information age i.e. now, has occurred within one generation, the VR / A.I. age is next and the Nano age will undoubtedly occur in an even shorter period of time. The industrial revolution brought about massive unemployment in the rural economy, forcing people to seek work in the mills and cities. The VR age will obviously result in some new jobs being created, but it will also result in massive lay offs as companies and governments use this technology, so as to help streamline. The Nano age will result in total lay offs, with no work being needed to be carried out, this technology will be able to do almost everything for us. You maybe thinking no way, but easy and cheap access to electricity = millions of labour saving inventions = less man hours, but if we can produce just one controllable universal nano assembler then this will equal, a move towards yet another general-purpose technology.

Money, power and the acquisition of material goods will have to take a back seat to a more understanding view towards the worlds problems. We all have to live on this planet, so itís about time that we all realised that wealth for the few creates major problems and divides people. Power ultimately comes from control or in other words people doing what they are told, but if you take money and the acquisition of material wealth out of the equation, then the people who seek power will have to find a new form of control. Most current social control systems, works on a reward and punishment basis or in other words money. Later on I will tell you how the powers that be maybe able to maintain a form of control without having to use money.

Control can also come from fear, so unless the people who seek power expect to use fear as a weapon, in order to exercise their control, then understanding, is the only logical route left to the reasonable. On that note, the poor live in economic fear all the time, because of the way the system works. This economic fear is an inbuilt control and motivational mechanism, which the powers that be are quite happy to leave in place, this is wrong, and we had ALL, better see what this fear is doing to society as a whole. Teenage suicide and depression is ripe and one of the many causes is because kids brought up in poor areas, see lifestyles on TV that they know they will never be able to afford, this in general, has also led to yob culture forming. They see the rich having great lives, they dream, they wish, but they rarely achieve, leaving them bored, annoyed and with very few ways left to show their frustration.

All they see, is that they may never get out of the box, but instead they know, they will probably have to work until their 70, in one crap minimum wage job after another, so the people at the top should realise, that this thought process can and is driving some people in society, quite literally insane (and to some extent this includes myself and a lot of the people I know).

Western ideology is TV, so who controls this content, which is  forming the minds of the masses........ f******** advertisers, it's such a  shame. Buy this new car and it will make you happy, oh you can't afford it, oh well just work harder, loser, no wonder society is so fucked up. My partner is ugly - loser / I'm not rich enough - loser / I want, I want, I want, now then, if you ask any Buddhist, they will tell you, life is suffering and suffering is an illusion caused by our desires, western society has been described by many, as a desires culture, invented to a large extent by advertisers, so no wonder we see so much mental anguish in the minds of the poor.

So how do you get the masses to work harder, by making them believe, that they can all fulfil their own desires if they just become rich enough. Edward Bernays in his book, the engineering of consent along with his ideas and influence at so many levels, has to a large extent, managed to engineer a society of mostly pissed of individuals, all looking to fulfil their own unrealistic desires, great. But try telling this to your average chav on the street, no chance, they have already been brainwashed and trapped by 1000's of hours of television. Every advert becoming a new desire, thousands every day, shops, magazines, billboards, TV etc, and if your poor, then the average person, can eventually become lost, mentally trapped between desires and reality. Hollywood is also responsible for creating some of these illusory perceptions. Millions of people unable to function within a normal society, because society itself, is constructed from these very same people.

The masses have been suckered into believing, in these new grandiose illusions of potential selves, then asked to flip burgers for a living, in other words, how to drive people mad, the choice of no real choice, is alive and well in the minds of the poor?

Which is dead funny and rather sick at the same time, because the desires culture itself, was originally created, so as to help produce a more productive and controllable workforce. No wonder we see so many couch potatoes and fat kids, because the masses have become victims, of this spin. The problem is, that most of them have become so busy living out their fantasies, within their own heads, that reality itself, becomes the come down, just like a drug addict crashing? What Bernays and others probably didn't realize, when they dreamed up these mass manipulation schemes, is what happens to a society, when it overdoses on these illusions. Society itself, can become delusional and dysfunctional to the point of paralysis, which is exactly what has happened, at some levels within society. This of course, is all part n parcel of my the chain reaction theory, in which we see a systemic breakdown, with the masses forming a large part of the problem, rather than the solution, mostly because of their own ignorance and engineered, wishful way of thinking.

If you are already familiar with the documentaries of Adam Curtis, then I apologise, for not enlightening you?

If you have never seen these documentaries before, then check out the end of this page, all is explained?

Anyway back to reality, so if nobody can afford to pay taxes, because machines have done us all out of a job, then the system itself could break down, in other words it could become a false economy.  The unemployment this technology could cause, is not something that could be tackled in any conventional sense. Any government that tries to tell its population to just go and get another job or a new or better education, could find themselves facing an uphill battle and inevitably a pointless battle against impossible odds. The coming wave of technological changes may mean nobodyís job is safe. I read recently that advanced software systems will be able to take and pass O level grade exams, within 5-6 years?

Iím not an anarchist but I am genuinely worried how the powers that be plan to keep control through this very turbulent period of change. If you donít think itís going to happen in the way I have predicted then I would love to understand your reasoning. My reasoning is simple, the closer we get to true nanotechnology, the closer we will get to building machines that work at the same molecular level as the human brain, thus becoming  just as capable of doing any job that humans can currently do. That fact combined with the domino effect and market forces, should show you that my reasoning on this matter is extremely logical and is an inevitable consequence of the technological progress we can all see happening around us.

You see on top of all the other things mentioned, computational neuroscience is doing it's best to delve into the secrets of intelligence and it's relationship to how the brain works, plus of course then trying to emulate that intelligence etc, within hardware & software of are own making, which as pointed out, just takes us one step closer to the dangers highlighted. (See The Blue Brain Project, Quantum Flux and the Virtual Intelligence Matrix project as an example),

Plus Robots keep in mind, will also go through a very similar process of being built with increasingly advanced technology, so giving them the same or even better operating capabilities and range of motion that humans have (check out nano muscles + biomimetic locomotion). The manufacturing of these types of robots is an engineering challenge, and there is no doubt that the industry will eventually overcome these challenges. Sensors are also becoming capable of providing robots, with the same type of immediate situational awareness as we have, allowing them a form of proprioception. Nanotechnology should also allow humans to build unbelievably sophisticated machines, which should eventually be more capable than any of us. (See Molecular Electronics).

There are many different approaches to A.I. and even if my suggested MNN approached failed, then somebody is bound to make the breakthrough to a truly self aware A.I. system, at  which point we may all find ourselves out of work. Don't worry Jordan doesn't see it happening any time soon, God I hope he's right, I really do.

The greater truth of all this, is that I don't believe it will be any single person or team that makes the breakthrough, but it will grow from a natural evolution of software and hardware development. Natural evolution of grid type technologies, employing increasingly sophisticated transivity mechanisms, will I believe lead to, an uncontrollable A.I. problem developing, with the internet itself, becoming the global brain.

It's up to you, to take the speculation and facts presented in this ebook and then make your own decisions, hopefully all I am doing is making you, more aware of what's going on, in the world?



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