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Section 4 / Page 96

Some Of The Possible Consequences Of A.I. And Nanotechnology

If the powers that be and society try to cling on to the notion of money in a future that uses this technology, then society could find itself with an incredibly hard problem. The problem is, what does industry, government and society do with an incredibly huge work force, when machines can do almost everything we can do and nanotechnology can even produce all of our food and fuel, along with all of the material needs that we could ever possibly want. This is pure fantasy to some and already a near reality in the minds of others?

The transition between the type of economy we have now and the type of economy that we could have, I personally believe will be a very rocky one, with both the powers that be and all the people that donít understand whatís happening, fighting fiercely to keep the old type of economy going. This is going to be a BIG problem, unless everybody wakes up to the inevitability of this technology. The time frames for this type of technology to emerge and to become a real threat to both jobs and to all carbon based life forms (the grey goo problem or self replication on a grand scale) is difficult to predict, but I personally think we have no more than 15-25 years, so planning now should be seen as a good idea. Otherwise massive turmoil could be the result, ultimately developing into either civil or even global war. Check out nano foglets and then ask yourself how any economy as it operates today would make any sense.

Anybody who thinks the economy as it is today can be kept going will find themselves confronted with some very serious challenges. At the moment, the re-education of the public is usually in the use of new technology. This shows that most good jobs are increasingly going to people within the technology sector, (even with the current lay offs, it is still considered a good field to be in), but when this technology starts to take their jobs (as it may do), then humans are going to run into some very serious problems. I wrote this e-book so as to show both the threats and rewards this technology could bring.

Machines that can do any job, will result in most of the population being put out of work. The average response to this type of statement, is "Youíre talking rubbish," but until you really take a hard look at the technology that is currently being developed, then you canít help but see the technological path we are all on.

The convergence of these technologies is going to bring about major changes to everybodyís life, but itís when these machines start talking back to us and in an intelligent way, thatís when the public will start to begin to realise just how far this technology has developed.

Keep in mind that Microsoftís Dot Net system has been tied into Microsoft's Natural Language Understanding initiative or NLP project , it has been under development since 1991. Also see Microsoftģ Speech Server and Intel Dialogic hardware.

VR could be used to educate the public and allow communities to grow online and hopefully allow the worldís population to come together within VR, so helping us all to realise that there is only one planet and we all have to live together on it. Hopefully wars and grievances could also be worked out in VR rather than in reality, it may sound idealistic, but it has to be far better than the alternative. Also very realistic VR recreations of real and imaginary battles, may show the war hungry, just how terrible war really is.

Nanotechnology and bioelectronics may develop into the vision presented within this eBook, because competing market forces will drive companies and governments to keep developing hardware that is more powerful than their competition. This will inevitably lead to hardware having to be made at increasingly smaller scales in order to produce the performance jumps required to compete in these particular markets. This type of development should eventually lead to nanotechnology, either which way you look at it, itís going to happen. The manufacturing of chips at the atomic scale has been discussed for years, but the bigger implications are I believe, too dramatic for most governments and companies to truly want to tackle. Itís almost a case of hoping it will all turn out ok, or leaving it to somebody else to worry about, or maybe they will worry about it when it actually happens. There is a prediction that most blue chip companies may disappear within 20 years, because of the problems pointed out in this eBook, a prediction made not by me, but by some government think tanks.

If big companies can not protect themselves from these technological effects, then this may spell disaster for everybody, this technology will affect everybody not just the poor. So the rich and the powerful wishing to maintain control of the infrastructure which allows them that control, may find it very difficult to convince the unemployed masses, that this technology is a good idea, especially if they try to keep the economy going as it operates today. Anybody who is tuned into how the system works can already see, that unless you are independently wealthy, then the system is going to force the individual into doing the work, the powers that be dictate that you should. This is obviously just my take on things. Companies and governments are now setting up bodies to investigate the consequences of nanotech etc.

Just think they could save the taxpayer millions, instead of paying out for all that research, all they would have to do

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