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A.I. / Nanotechnology And The End Of Money?

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In Terminator their is a line, "The future is what we make it", is it really up to us or are we all on a road with no turnings, the capitalist ideology is a road in my mind, that has only one end for us all. The economies of the West are being driven by oil and technology, oil will eventually run out, this leaves technology and as technology has to improve upon itself so as to be commercially viable, then eventually we will end up creating machines that will become more capable than we are. It is a natural technological progression that has been going on since the dawn of civilization, we evolve and are technology also evolves, the question is, which will evolve faster, humans or machines?

The current state of play is this, the humans race has roughly 6 million years head start, but considering the pace of current technological developments, machines are beginning to catch up and at a pace most people are just blind too. This eBook is a deliberate attempt to raise awareness of the issues that I believe the entire human race, will soon face.  As for the skeptics, well lets just say, I know how you think, this is why almost every opinion I express, is backed via a hyperlink etc, if you have a different opinion to me then that's fine, but hopefully the facts will speak for themselves.

My reasoning is logical, so please let me explain:-

Everything in the Universe that can be seen uses the basic building blocks of nature, we call these building blocks, atoms, the periodic table the most commonly used and understood chart in every school chemistry class, shows these most basic of elements. The different atomic weights go to make up all of the known matter in the known universe, this is the basis for nanotechnology. Now it is only a matter of time until the human race develops the same ability as nature, as in the ability to intelligently manipulate these atomic building blocks and at this point, as you can imagine, this will in effect give the human race, more control over nature, than nature currently has over itself.

Nature manipulates incredibly small structures all the time, so as to produce larger structures e.g. seeds grow into plants and so on and so on. This type of manipulation we see in nature, is not some divine power, it is actually just a combination, of cell division along with some other well understood biological processes, but this ability, is rapidly coming under the control of man. Now I apologies upfront to all of those people, who already know all about about  nanotech, but most people I have met, seem to talk about old news items, in which small machines, unblock arteries or something, but as most clued in people know, nanotech is much more than this

Sandia PR at it's best, I can hear Darth Vader in my head?

I only truly believe, in the statistically probable, how about you, this eBook is for those people who can see the truth in it?

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Author Alan Keeling