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Section 3 / Page 89

The Future

The envisioned network was seen as a way of supplying an A.I. system with all the data required to get the system to understand both us and the products we use, along with the real world environments we inhabit. The future for the network, at least in my mind, was to have it carry on collecting and correlating all of the data available. Then as new hardware platforms became available with greater processing ability and memory capacities etc, then all or just part of the data collected could have been sold off or repackaged into a more useable format.

Next / next gen platforms, will in themselves, be capable of software hosting increasingly large parts of the databases content within their own onboard storage devices. The future of storage devices is becoming increasingly mind boggling in both capabilities and capacities. Check out the following link to learn more, which will tell you about photonic crystal storage mediums and other such devices. The following is a brief extract from the link, Colossal Storage Technology will push the bandwidth limits beyond >1000 GB/sec and will hold 10,000 times more data capacity than current day hard drives and 1,000 times solid state disk drives. In basic English this translates to unheard of access times and storage capacities available to the user. I also think that developments in the field of MRAM or static ram technologies hold great promise, imagine operating systems and files being instantly available to you, with no boot up time required, i.e. on chip operating systems. MRAM standing for magneto-resistive random access memory. Also see Phase Change Ram & Silicon Nanocrystals + Laser based hard disk technology?

The industry would quite like us all to become renters of software / information, rather than purchasers, with billions of micro payments finding there way into the bank accounts of the mega-corps of the future. In other words, you own nothing, they own everything and they will tell you what you can have and what you can't have, all presented to you over the net, in an easy to access G.U.I.? Each of us having choice, but what will that choice cost?

The pay to access copyright problem (see AACS, PVP-OPM  Janus, palladium / TCPA / DRM & CGMS) is already being tackled at many levels, largely due to the storm Napster and P2P systems caused and are causing. Keep in mind that in the future the computing power will probably be available to check every data packet sent over the net and each piece of data will carry its own health certificate, whilst the NSA net police will be watching everything? This is the future Hollywood and others want, you won't own content, it will all be rented to you and streamed to your set top box via centrally controlled servers, no more copying, no more sharing, this is the new battle between big business and the masses?

Is the human race going to employ this technology for the good of us all or just to further the capitalist ideology, read on to find out the possible outcome to the human races fate, if we don't adapt the capitalist ideology to the technology, rather than the other way around.

End of section 3

Read on to see what I really think, the last 3 sections should have made you at least aware of the fact that what is being taken issue with, in the next section, is based on some potentially serious and real problems.

In other words the MNN or a system very like it, is a very real technical possibility.

Welcome to the potential future of the web and the world, now lets see what awaits us, as we gaze into the crystal ball?

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Author Alan Keeling