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Section 3 / Page 86

The Business Proposition.

As this ebook originally started life as business proposal, I have decided to include some of the reasons and motivations for devising its development. My inspiration came from a dream, of all things, I had been watching a TV program that had mentioned the Russian Amber Room and it intrigued me so much, that I then went on to research it quite a bit. Anyway back to the dream, you see in the dream, I was flying around the room and loving every minute of it, viewing its magnificence from every angle.

Now as you can see, it is an amazing looking room, that disappeared  in a cloud of conspiracy during World War 2, see the link above for the full story. So back to the present and I think you probably know where I am going with this, but I will continue anyway, what if this room could be recreated virtually, followed by, hey you could rent it out and so on and so on. You hopefully know the rest, as the rest of this ebook can be seen as an extension to this original seed, that sparked of this stream of consciousness.

Ok now back to business:-

I was originally approaching companies with this proposal to find either a company wishing to develop all or just some of the concepts listed (I now, know better). This was a project at its lowest level looking for an investor. I believe that this would have been a relatively low risk venture when compared to the money that has been poured into the arena. The content contained, being seen purely as an attractor to draw in the public. The publics interactions with the system where to be used so as to train the A.I system, whilst the developers would also profit as a virtual middleman. The sharing of resources between all of the networked franchised systems and end user platforms could always be making money for the franchise operator, this could be done by leasing out the systems spare processing power to whoever wanted to use it. If the system was developed in this way, then the network should have been capable of tackling some incredibly big mathematical problems. This amount of processing power doesn’t come cheap, so any government or company that wanted to use the network to solve or compute some big problems, would then have to have paid the franchise operator to do so. There are even companies talking of paying online users for their spare processing power, but if the VR database network operators had played it smart, then they could have in effect charged the user for supplying processing power, written into the small print, of a license agreement. (This can be likened to each user freely supplying gas to a gas company and then the gas company charging each user ?).

As more sophisticated net appliances become available, then the franchised databases where to have been ready for that expected user base. Also by turning the interactions of the online users into TV content, then the system would have in effect been advertising itself to millions and possibly even billions of potential customers?

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