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AR is about the overlaying of data onto real world situations, a head up display used by most fighter pilots is a crude version of the principal, the development of these systems would have eventually allowed for some if not all of the images being produced or held within the MNN to have been used. The military have already experimented with devices capable of displaying such information, showing real time battlefield information to troops etc. The public will eventually be able to buy cheap wearable AR systems, the database network was seen as being capable of supplying these types of systems. A globally franchised database system should have been able to supply local information to most users, see Media Gateways.

The future holds the promise of AR systems that could be worn like sunglasses or even wired into the optic nerve. They would probably be linked indirectly via a bluetooth or wireless USB type connection, to increasingly small and discreet wireless devices, sending and receiving information to and from the database network, including location and web cam footage, whilst also acting as a very sophisticated mobile phone and portable office. Siemens displayed a pair of concept spectacles at the Comdex show, with such capabilities. Also see Scientific American article for more on this subject.

  • Enhanced Telepresence:-

The network was also seen as being used to enhance Telepresence systems, via the overlay of related CG information contained within the network. Doctors were seen as being able to access CAT or MRI scans directly through the network + engineers could have used the system to pull up blue prints overlaid into the telepresence image. This is a similar technology to AR, but there are differences. As portable web cams proliferate and bandwidth increases to portable platforms, then telepresence will probably become a massive new growth sector. The network was seen as being used in many different ways so as benefit telepresence users.


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Of course in the future you don't need all this big display stuff - you just need bionic - nano eyes?

  • Urban Gaming:-

Although most people have never heard of it, Urban Gaming as it has come to be called, is technology combined with real life pursuits. This is where people use both the great out doors and the concrete jungle, to play in, utilizing technologies such as GPS and mobile phones, to track players. There are far too many of these games to list here, but to give you an indication of what might be going on right under your very nose, then check out BotFighters. Needless to say, but with hardware like the glasses above and with wearable hardware coming soon to a clothes shop near you, along with portable projector screens, then the real world, may become an imitation of the virtual world. Will we all merge into VR or will VR merge with reality, are we in fact all trapped within a game?

A different slant on urban gaming?

Rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and advanced cad design systems, capable of linking directly to manufacturing tools, show the way in which manufacturing is going. The increasing ability of man to control matter at increasingly smaller scales, should be seen as the future for all manufacturing. The use of CG models within this industry, was also seen as being part of a future possibility, for the models contained within the database network, a future version of the digital engineering concept.

As manufacturing edges ever closer towards the now almost mythical vision of nanotechnology, the systems models were envisioned as being used in some future implementation of this type of manufacturing. Click on this link for a simple explanation of nanotechnology. If the nanotechnology experts are right and a universal nano-assembler (a small machine capable of building anything), can be produced, it stands to reason that these assemblers will need blue prints. The CG models within some future version of the database network, were seen as being used as blue prints for nano-assemblers. The ability to produce real objects from VR designed structures, is in my estimation the real future of all manufacturing. This is not just my take on the future of manufacturing, it also being seen this way by a lot of industry experts. Virtual reality in conjunction with haptic interfaces has already allowed researchers to be given the ability to see and touch individual atoms, through the use of an atomic force microscope. A.I. systems should eventually be able to use these Nanomanipulating techniques, to design nanostructures.

Intel has demonstrated a transistor with a gate which is only 3 atoms wide. The first true nano-scale motor, smaller than a bacterium has already been demonstrated and developments in molecular chemistry show that nanotech is already here in a lot of ways. The ability to build and control matter at the nanometre scale should be seen as being the true future, for the worlds manufacturing base.

Tiny tubes of carbon, crafted into the shape of a Y, could revolutionise the computer industry, suggests new research. The work has shown that Y-shaped carbon nanotubes are easily made and act as remarkably efficient electronic transistors - the toggles used to control the flow of electrons through computer circuits. But the nanotransistors are just a few hundred millionths of a metre in size -roughly 100 times smaller than the components used in today’s microprocessors. They could, therefore, be used to create microchips several orders of magnitude more powerful than the ones used in computers today, with no increase in chip size

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