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Section 3 / Page 64

The MNN was eventually seen as having individual 3D models for every household item and thus start to understand where those items would usually belong, plus how they related to each other and how they should be used. Through VR it should also have allowed the MNN to understand how everything should fit together and be interacted with, so allowing it to understand most real world situations. It's the Sim's of the future?

On a larger scale the MNN was seen as being able to see how everything fitted together, from how the average house leads to a pavement or garden and then to a road and then maybe to a high street and so on. In this way, the MNN was seen as being able to understand not only the virtualised world it lived in, but also the real world we live in. By giving the MNN access to many thousands or even millions of virtualised images, it was seen as eventually being able to build up a virtual picture large enough, so as to understand the real world, part of the basic model principal.

As has already been stated the way people process information, is in some ways an abstract process. We all have the ability to think, but the real question is, what is actually going on in the brain when we do this. We can all apply concepts to experience and it is this ability that allows all creatures, to be perceived as thinking.

An example of this would be when somebody tells a pet itís dinnertime, most pets come to associate the word dinner with the time they get fed, in other words they apply a concept (in this case a sound) to an experience.

A computer can also be taught in a similar way, if given enough experiences or concepts to learn from, along with enough processing power, memory etc, it may also be capable of at least simulating the act of thinking. The application of enough concepts in real time to do this, would normally require far too much processing power and memory, e.g. like trying to run many games and word processors all at the same time and on a single PC. The proposed network on the other hand, should have allowed the operatorsí access to a new level of real time processing power through the utilisation of an always-on grid set-up. Also the operatorsí should have had access to a large interactive audience both directly and indirectly helping to teach all of the A.I. programs running.

The databases and grid set-up were to employ simplistic software mechanisms, allowing those mechanisms to form more complex processing procedures or behavioural patterns, thus working in a similar way to how the human brain works. The brains neuroanatomy can be seen as just a set of simple mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level, working in a very complex way. With the programming partly coming from the teaching or evolution of natural language. This being the case, then there is no reason to think that the proposed network could not have emulated those processing mechanisms and that complexity in a macroscopic format, the programming being the hardest thing to achieve. But I don't believe that the brains neuroanatomy has to be copied exactly so as to get a software system, to manipulate data in a similar way to humans. Therefore humans can be seen as having a learnt intelligence, rather than being born with it. It's in this sense, that  machines or software will also have to develop or learn, this being the point, of developing the MNN, its intelligence would have been a learnt intelligence rather than being hardwired. In other words the MNN was seen as a learning program, and here in lies the crux of the problem, because this intelligence would grow rather than being instantly there at switch on. 

I believe one of the great misunderstandings that will come about, will be when a system like the MNN does evolve into something smarter than us. I can already hear the people who don't understand any of this, just asking the scientists or politicians for the thing to be switched off, not realising that it can not be switched off, because it is tied into some future global grid system or has become so integral to the global infrastructure, that trying to switch it off or mess with it, would cause some immense problems.

See section 4 for all things scary.

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