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Section 3 / Page 61

The human brain can be classed as a programmable system – language proves this hypothesis. As language can be classed as a set of applied patterns, the mechanisms the brain uses to process those patterns can be emulated by a computer system, this is the basis for section 3 of this book.

An example:-

Humans use standardised models or patterns as the basis for all speech, e.g. if I say the word "HAMMER" then everybody has their own mental picture of what a hammer looks like. Speech recognition relies on us all having the same internalised models, I mean there is no point in me trying to tell you that a Space Shuttle is actually an orange, if you see the point. This is because your brain, already has enough stored examples of both to know the difference. An A.I. system given enough examples, could also be given a similar ability to distinguish between all of the objects it is exposed to. The proposed VR database network should have allowed an A.I. system access to a lot of examples, not only of how objects look, but also how they sound, feel and interrelate.

Neural network programs, mimic how the brain works by forming connections, pattern recognition is probably the best example of how they work. If you give these programs enough examples of how something looks or sounds, they can then usually determine any common differences and patterns that may emerge. The proposed A.I. system was envisioned as learning, by watching in relative terms, the interactions between all of the online users and any of the objects and environments (VR models) contained within and throughout the database network, (Jungle guy gets to see a lot more).

The danger in doing this, was that the A.I. system, could have begun to learn very quickly, whilst also learning all of the wrong things. For example it could have started watching online games that involved people’s characters being killed, and then take that pattern as good social behaviour. So keeping control of some A.I. system's, was seen as being a primary concern. Keep in mind, that Vista has speech recognition built in and as future software / hardware matures, then this will become the interface of choice for many systems.

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