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Section 3 / Page 59

  • The Grid Concept (Or A Form Of Peer To Peer Networking): -

The grid concept, is one in which all the net appliances connected are used together to form a network, in this case utilising distributed computing techniques, employed within and throughout the software architecture. The capabilities of the plug-ins and the software controlling the databases were to have been increased in sophistication so allowing the end user platforms connected to form a grid.

Simply put. the more computers you have available, the quicker it is to compute the problem, sharing the resources of all the connected computing devices is the future, software is now being produced so as to allow general purpose computing tasks to be distributed in this fashion.

Many companies are now putting huge amounts of resources into developing grid technologies. The ability to send information backwards and forwards between all of the processing elements within the grid, was seen as being part n parcel of the macroscopic neural network concept (MNN). As you can see the PS3 grid system is already online, it regularly uses over 200 thousand PS3's and reaches over a petaflop. Individually all these processing elements where not seen as being smart, but when working together in the right way....... well read on?


  • Accurate Virtual Modelling: -

The modelling software was to have been given all the rules that govern our everyday existence (gravity etc). It would then have to apply these rules to every one of the objects within its database, so producing as real a model as possible. The rules governing how materials interacted, was also to have been put into those equations, accurate modelling was seen as being needed, so as to help the proposed A.I. system learn.

A good example of this is the simulator industry which is forever trying to create systems that are totally accurate, some of the techniques used in this modelling field, were to have been borrowed and applied to the databases. For the first time a VR system was to have been designed to have millions of users interacting with it in a totally new way. The simulator industry has the 3D modelling software to do just about everything that is being exampled within this ebook, plus a lot of accurate image data. The images required would have to have been, a lot more accurate, when zooming into the very small scale. Moreover, the simulator industry would not have been able to provide the accurate data required for reproducing the insides of buildings and household items etc.

Each VR models Level Of Detail (LOD) was to have been kept very high; this was seen as being necessary so as to provide the user the best available representation of any of the models or environments contained within the databases. Another way to see or interpret these VR data structures is to see them as patterns, the learning and understanding of patterns is very important to both humans and A.I. based systems.

As can be seen the Level Of Detail is increasing all the time.

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