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Section 2 / Page 54

These countries could have purchased an off the shelf customised database, from the developing company and then use it to set-up their own online virtual tourist destinations or VR market places etc. These countries may also have needed the developing companies technical staff, so as to to help operate these systems. A great way for the powers that be to use such a system, to spy upon another countries population, just a thought.

The franchise option, was to have allowed the software hosting market to buy an off the shelf ready-made database tailored towards their needs, this of course being the point. All the databases sold where then to be linked together to form the envisioned global network, allowing the developing company to become the biggest ringmaster, in the largest online revolution, since the invention of the Internet (HYPE).

  • The Application Based Server Industry:- The switch to 64bit and 128 bit architecture within the server industry along with the increasing capabilities of these systems, should have allowed most of the concepts listed within this book to be employed. The management software for these systems is becoming very sophisticated, so allowing an always-on grid set-up to be used in the way envisioned. The path is clear though, VR over net and to any device, is the future.

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