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Section 2 / Page 52

More Possibilities:-

Of course CG and live action has moved on somewhat, but Sci Fi and reality keep getting closer.


More Advertising Possibilities:-

Imagine a user had their home or business premises virtualised, which might start to happen as virtualisation becomes widespread, the  image data could have been stored online within the network. Then when a user wanted to buy a new product, then they could have just pulled up a virtual image of their home or business premises and then using their virtual hand, they could pick up any of the virtualised products stored. They could also have been given the ability to place the virtual product into the image, window-shopping would never be the same again and online shopping would be revolutionised. If the end users didn’t mind online advertisers using the image data of their homes or businesses, then advertisers would probably be having a field day, sending back to the users, their ideas of how their homes or businesses should look. It's the junk mail of the future?

All this data could have been contained within the database network, so advertisers into targeted marketing would obviously have to pay the network operator for access to it.

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