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Section 2 / Page 50

Program Content For The Television Audience

This isn't real but it gives an insight in to what is being described here.


I have been updating this e-book as of 2009 after nearly 4 years of trying to fit into reality (not very successfully I might add, so I have done my best to bring this e-book up-to-date - so most of the text has remained the same, but I have updated some of the videos, such as this one, which did not exist when I started, writing this e-book, just goes to show you, that I was right about, so much, which kind of worries me, considering section 4 of this e-book?

I also apologize for the way this e-book now looks, I changed hosting services and things went a lot wrong, this is the reason the look and navigation is not the way I originally intended, but hey at least the book is free. If you wish me to fix it, then donate some cash and I might.




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