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The next 3 sections are based on the original business proposal, but adapted for a more mainstream audience, this being the reason it is written in the way you currently see it.

What is a virtual product

A virtual product is a three dimensional fully interactive computer generated image e.g.

Let’s take a packet of Cornflakes; the 3D modelling software used, was to have had the capability to create a three dimensional computer generated (CG) image, of that box of cornflakes. This software should also have been capable of making whichever CG image was created look as real as possible. If the end user then had an interface giving them the ability to manipulate that CG object in real time, then that could be classed as a virtual product. Once that virtual image is stored (just data), it should then be given the ability to be sent over a network connection or phone line to any device capable of using it. The end users should then be able to display that virtual image on their home TV or computer monitor, or whatever display device they maybe using. The technology to do this is already here, but to make it commercially viable will take a mass audience.

The proposed databases could be cloned or copied and then franchised out to network operators, like A.O.L. or Freeserve or even cable and satellite networks, such as Telewest and Sky. These companies all want content, the virtual reality databases were seen as becoming part of the content these network operators will want to deliver to their subscribers. See link for more on this.

The VR databases where to be given the ability to hold 3D virtual reality type models and then allow online users to interact with any of these models, (just data structures) contained within the databases. The databases could hold models of anything large or small e.g. models could be created of insects, molecules or anything that can be seen, heard or imagined.  The clip below is computer generated, however real it may look:-

The end users could use 3D VR style interfaces, so giving them the ability to zoom in or out of these types of virtual models. This was envisioned as giving the interested viewer a much better understanding of how objects look, sound and eventually even how they feel.

Think WII controller to the Nth degree.


As you can see, the quality of CG or VR imagery is now becoming photo realistic, so this will become the new interactive future of the Internet. The graphics processing power of new and future games consoles / PC’s, PDA's etc will allow end users to display very high levels of CG detail. This in essence, was the basis for the proposal, in other words, VR interacted with, via many devices, over the net, in real-time.

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Author Alan Keeling