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Set Top Box’s (STB’s)

Sony's bid for your digital living room, click image for net link info.

Sony's digital media hub or set top box, is already available in Japan and it is a truly amazing beast. It comes in many flavours but the top of the range has about 1.6 terabytes of hd storage, can record 7 channels at once, inc one HDTV channel, plus it has 3.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 128MB video card, and a DVD+-R/RW drive, this goes to show the future corporations wish us all to go in. Millions and potentially billions of these things will be entering into the global set top box market, forever increasing in capability and broadband capable (See the SCC chip). These types of systems will be networked and will be a large part of many future grid setups.

The Sony system above is both a PC and a set top box, the convergence of these two platforms is an obvious way, in which this market will probably develop. The future looks set to make these new Mediacentres a central nexus, for all future homes, utilising Linux in most cases and of course Windows media centre.


Sky's HD box and others are all part n parcel of this move towards this VR future or will these things be sucking your bank account dry, quicker than you can earn it?

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