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Microsoft / Nintendo / Sony

These are the current players and winners in the online VR marketplace, they all have their plans to own your TV or more to the point the box that sits under it, along with your route to the outside virtual world. What I believe is happening is simple, imagine you have access to a virtual shopping space and within this space you have all your normal type shops, but the key to accessing these shops, is via a single access point, that you may eventually be charged to enter? Ok so imagine this, the end user's just say to their new HD interactive VR hang on the wall display's, take me to Walmart or Asda and immediately they are taken to a virtual version of those stores, pick up what you want virtually, then have it delivered.

Now then as you enter this new VR realm, you will probably be unaware of the both the technology and the companies profiting via your interactions. So all this will be provided to you, but you will probably be paying a charge for these types of services. This industry is going to be huge, with massive potential for revenue generation, I will delve into this as you read on.

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