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TV companies are always looking for new content and with the introduction of TV networks capable of delivering thousands of TV channels or more, then the proposed network was planned to supply these TV networks with all of the content they could ever possibly want. The TV audience were to have been given the option of watching any of the images generated from within the databases. Camera angles and such like could have been selected by producers in much the same way as they do now with TV shows, these pre-selected images could then be broadcast as TV signals and then the end users could then switch to the channel carrying that broadcast. As internet systems progress then this type of in game voyeurism will progress to a point, in which we will see mass audience real-time feedback (think thumbs up or down).

There are many more of these types of gamer TV sites and channels on the rise, this is the future, as digital reality starts to draw in the masses and takes them on a tour of what is possible in the VR world.

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