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The databases development stages were seen as follows:-

  1. The development of the software infrastructure needed to allow the concepts outlined within the proposal to be fully realized.

  2. The software architecture was to be structured in such a way, so as to allow for the easy input of third party virtual models and sounds, so increasing the networks content capabilities, just like Second Life or NeuroVR, to get an Idea click play.

  1. The databases were then to be made capable of being connected to many varied network set-ups (ASP's), so acting as a content provider for those networks.

  2. The users at least at first, were seen as being freely invited to use the system, so as to grab an initial user-base, just like Sky did, when they started.

  3. Then advertisers were to be introduced, showing them the potential uses for both them and their clients.

  4. Followed by turning the interactions of the interactive online community, with any of the photo realistic virtual environments held, into TV content and then selling that content to TV networks trying to fill their new 500+ channels, (these operators all want content, not just endless TV repeats - check out Xleague.TV as an example).

  5. Linking all of the databases together so as to form a centrally controlled global network.

  6. A.I. routines were then to be used so as to increase both the push and pull capabilities built into the end user interfaces and the systems capabilities. Thus allowing the databases to gather and push very accurate targeted marketing information and on a massive scale.

  7. The interfaces were then to be increased in sophistication, thus allowing for the setup of a very powerful and centrally controlled grid.

  8. The operator were then to have been able to utilise all of the extra potential processing power, storage space or whatever else was available on the network, under the terms of a licence agreement of course.

  9. The last step, was to turn the network and grid into a self-funding A.I. project, so forming a global and centrally controlled, Macroscopic Neural Network (MNN), or self funding distributed artificial intelligence system, working on many levels.

This ebook is a more in-depth look at the principals laid out within this introduction.

Then I will tell you, why this is all a very bad Idea.

You may also ask why I tried to sell this concept as a business idea originally, considering that I now think it is all such a bad idea.

This is because it was only after I fully realised all of the concepts that I truly understood just how dangerous this could all become.

The more technical amongst you, may already know a lot of what is written here, but this is an ebook meant for the general public as well as yourself, so it is explained from first principals.

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