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Why harp on you may ask about the games market and what are still in effect low end graphics cards and machines, compared to the corporate offerings from the likes of SGI and Nvidia you may well ask. The answer is simple, what is driving the VR revolution, is the mass market. It is also important to understand that the proposed network was integrally linked to this markets expansion, (section 3 covers this in more detail). The games market is huge and expanding all the time. Projections show that online games in all their flavours will see a massive uptake as hang on the wall HD displays become the norm along with capable set top boxes / consoles and broadband services. What are currently seen as toys of the well heeled, will eventually be seen as the TV of the future for us all.

The public are becoming one with multimedia and soon we will all see this merging along with, both it's positive and potentially negative effects. Computer games are leading the way into this multimedia future, Vista and DX10 are now the norm and the ability to render reality in real time is drawing ever closer:-

As you can see, it doesn't take a genius to work out, that with Moore's Law being what it is, we are only a short step away from creating the visual illusion of reality on the fly at desktop level.

DX11 on Windows 7 is looking really close if you ask me:-

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