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Holographic DVD adds new dimension to storage

Of course they are not the only ones producing this type of mass storage, Call/Recall has already unveiled it's Multi-Terabyte optical disk storage system. They claim to have produced 2-photon 3D technology which will enable development of 5-10 TB optical disk drives with 100-500Mb/second transfer rates.

Its funny when I see such things, I keep thinking, what is the average person on the street going to do with all this storage. With 5 to 10 TB's this would mean roughly one thousand films at full DVD quality. Ok, that's probably only about 400 films in full HDTV format but it still begs the question, what of piracy. One of the main reasons that blank media (CDs / DVDs) are so cheap, is simply because piracy is so prevalent. I have noticed this scenario play itself out, throughout computing's short history, every time a new mass storage medium becomes market ready, pirates adopt it as a new bandwagon, so as to peddle somebody else's wares. It's a catch 22, the blank medium manufactures and the hardware manufactures know that without piracy, per unit cost would be much higher, simply because there wouldn't be, the same bulk mass demand for their products.

How many MP3's could such systems hold, then consider this, the UK government wants to up the sentence for piracy from 2 years to 10, that's more than most murderers get. Paradoxically when this type of storage capacity does become mainstream, then most blank media manufactures will probably go out of business, seeing as how mass demand maybe low, simply because the public find themselves only needing a couple of disks so as hold everything they need. And if you are likely to get jailed for 10 years for piracy, then who is going to take the risk of ever filling such mediums, with that quantity of pirated material?

It has long been known within the I.T. hardware industry, that piracy helps sell hardware. So the governments decision making, may at one level make sense, but at another, they may very well kill off a significant revenue stream, for some hard pressed hardware manufacturer's. Just remember if Sony, tells you it's losing money because of online P2P music piracy, then should it really try to sell kids mp3 players holding 1000's of songs, which no average kid, could ever afford?

Jordan Pollack deals with this in one of his articles - Intelligenthics - as in he describes the music industry as still thinking it's in the 50's selling and cutting disks, who's Jordan Pollack, if you don't already know, then I will tell you later.

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