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Introduction continued - What's A.I. got to do with it.

The databases were to employ artificial intelligence mechanisms built into their software architecture, so allowing the users own input to play a major role in how the system interacted with each user. This was also to have allowed very sophisticated targeted marketing techniques to be employed and on a massive scale, the databases were seen as being able to target many demographics. Once revenues had been generated, then more sophisticated interfaces were to have been developed.

The databases were foreseen as being centrally controlled via their own network connection. This was to allow the database operators access to any  of the end users connected, and in real time, due to the always on nature of broadband services. This ability could then be exploited allowing the operator to form what’s known as a grid (a form of peer to peer networking on a very large scale -Bittorrent  is a limited example of the principal). The grid concept, is one in which all of the connected platforms are used together to form one very powerful and in this case centrally controlled network, utilizing distributed computing techniques. A bit like the national power grid, except in reverse, with every connected home or user, supplying computing power etc, back into the grid or network. A simple example of this principal is the S.E.T.I. screensaver project,

The grid set-up would have become very powerful, especially if the databases were franchised out, to networks operating in global markets. This means that the database owners could have potentially tapped a bit of the computing power of every connected user. E.g a bit of the computing power, of every connected PC / X-Box 360 / Playstation 3 and even future versions of the mobile phone. This type of computing power doesn’t come cheap, so that excess computing power was to be sold off to any company wishing to use it, generating even more revenue for the database owners. See revenue diagram.

If learning mechanisms, using A.I. principals had been built into the software capabilities of the grid set-up, then the envisioned database network would have become a self-organising system. This should eventually have allowed the franchised databases to form a kind of Macroscopic Neural Network (MNN). In other words a self-funding artificial intelligence project, working on many levels.

The A.I. mechanisms to have been employed were to be used to study many if not all of the interactions of the online users, as well as how the networked databases share information, so allowing the organising or the dynamics of that matrix to become automatic and immediate. The employment of A.I. principals within such a large and powerful network set-up, would have allowed the operators, access to some very useful and valuable data. (Don't worry if you didn't quite understand that, section 3 is designed to walk you through A.I.).

The Net/Web is not truly owned or run by anybody, it is just a collection of computers that share common communications protocols (Internet Protocol-IP), whilst it is generally paid for by advertising. Eventually everybody should be connected to the web supplying computing power back into it (a true grid setup), along with content from portable web cams etc. To make money in this future scenario you will have to own and sell content, this is how the database's owners would have made their money;-

 Selling content / computing power / marketing data / TV content and advertising space etc, all via a linked network of virtual databases.

IMVU can be seen as a step towards what is being described throughout this ebook:-

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