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VR Advertising Possibilities.

  1. As you can see the future of in game and online in game advertising is already here, but remember virtual environments and models can be used for many purposes.
  2. As online VR networks develop and become more sophisticated, then each user could be individually targeted based on previous buying habits and an incredible amount of push and pull information.
  3. The virtualised characters could have promoted or just be seen in different brand name clothes, giving the network the ability to generate two advertising revenues at the same time and from the same virtual space.
  4. The proposed system was to hold virtualised competitions, e.g. Reebok or Adidas could have held a competition, where they hide a pair of their running shoes in one of the virtualised environments, the first person to find them could win a million pounds or a pair of trainers etc. Keep in mind though that Reebok or Adidas would have been paying for the use of these virtualised environments and the operators would also be collecting a fee, from all of the potential online users.
  5. VR markets offer more permutations for revenue generation, than as yet can be imagined.
  6. E.g. Kids have gone mad over Pokemon, but this is just a gimmick compared to some of the virtual creatures or interactive pets that could have been created. The networks ‘MEME’ advertising possibilities were seen as enormous.
  7. The merchandising rights would also have been worth a fortune (books, t-shirts, toys etc) just like Beyblades or Star Wars.
  8. The systems ability to automatically customise the images and sounds the end user interacts with, would make today’s ideas about targeted marketing look antiquated.
  9. Current traffic analysis programs used on the web to monitor data flow and gather marketing information, will give way to very sophisticated buzz trackers (i.e. the in thing), largely due to the quantity of information that will be available. The proposed system was to employ this type of marketing or data mining software throughout the database network, so once it was added to the real-time nature of the system, then current and emerging trends were to be instantly capitalised upon by advertisers and the databases owners.
  10. The proposed system, was seen as eventually allowing for the complete personalisation of the information the end user received.

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