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Modern day computing power is progressing all the time, and with some of the new computing technologies being developed, optical computing / quantum computing / magnetic microchips / chaos based systems / crystalline computing / DNA computing / parallel processing and the ultimate laptop, all set to push computing power through the roof. You see, as I see it, all the real money will be in the owning of the content that these systems will hold, create or share, content is rapidly becoming more important than the hardware itself. Simply put, you can sell one piece of hardware that costs money to produce each time you produce it or an unlimited amount of software copies of a product, that takes little in the way of further production costs after its initial production.

To give you an idea of what is going on out there then you have to watch this:-

Ok, so if your watching the above video before the year 2012, then the chances are, that you still haven't brought an 80 core multi-teraflop home computing laptop, but the video does give you a good idea of Intel's roadmap. Each die shrink taking us ever closer to nanotech's dream?

The true 64 bit multi-core computing era has arrived and with addressable memory being somewhat higher than 32 bit, this implies that eventually we will see home based systems with huge memory capacities. As for storage, well at the time of writing this, 2 Terabyte hard disks are already available to the public and there is no reason why we won't see solid state drives with such capacity in the near future.

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