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Microsoft continued

What is the future for Microdollar, well some say they don't have one, others see their goal as nothing less than world domination, but the truth is they are just another ugly corporation doing their best to stay in control of their rather unique position in the market. Until the masses discover Linux or maybe even Mac OSX, then the big M will maintain its lead for the foreseeable future. Windows has a huge market share, compared to any other operating system, especially in the home market, so who could possibly challenge them, well the future is not set as they say. Google and others are beginning to see a net based Operating System as a potential future for all of us.

VR is the key to the future and when you think about it, in those terms, then any OS as we see them today will become obsolete. There is still a large majority of the masses, let's call them the I.T. illiterate for now, who still see computers as objects to stay well clear of. As ubiquitous computing mentioned earlier along with interfaces such as the ones exampled in the videos shown on previous pages, then I believe we will begin to see a wholesale switch to a new form of human / computer interaction. Voice and touch input along with CCTV monitoring our actions, will lead to a new level  of control over computers, that a vast majority of users have yet to enjoy. This will spell death to any OS as we see and understand them today, the masses will interact with computers in the same way they currently interact with their set top box's. They won't have to understand the technology behind the screen, it will literally just do the majority of what they want, in a very simple to use and understand fashion.

This being the case, then what you will have, I believe, is no single outright winner in this new version of the OS race. This book was originally based on a business proposal, based around these future concepts, proposing in effect, to become one of these future OS's for an interactive online community. Laterally a virtual world community with millions of people in their homes all linking in, via their new hang on the wall HD or projection screens, interacting with the system, this is the future for TV and computing, A seamless merging of multi media / TV and VR content, without the current hassle of millions of remote controls, mice and God knows how many other peripherals?

This will give you a rough Idea of what I mean, but this can be seen as a developmental step towards what I am describing?

You have to laugh, of course there will probably still be the geek in the corner who believes the only code is binary and the only real way to talk to a computer, is through their CLI, if you get my drift, give it up the Trash 80 / 64 / ST and Amiga are all long dead, lets leave them buried shall we. You may hate BG and all he stands for, but he did help unify a few things, sorry I will now proceed to kill myself, for saying even one nice thing about him?

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