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Section 4 / Page 188

Some Final Thoughts

Society is on the brink of some massive changes because of the technology it is currently working on, but there seems to be a lack of understanding at many levels, of just how these technologies will change society. Nanotech / A.I. / I.T. / VR and communications technology, are all about to converge, this will transform society and if nothing is done to curve the ideology introducing this technology, then I believe, that civilization as we know it today, will become a victim of its own greed and short sightedness.

If money is stopping us from doing the right thing, then we must all come to understand, that money, is nothing more than a man made illusion and at some level it no longer has anything to do with money, it really is, just a numbers game. Can we allow ourselves to play the rich and poor game in a future society, that has access to the level of technology exampled throughout this eBook?

We can not carry on teaching kids ethics, then let people starve, whilst others have billions, it's wrong and we can all see it. Most people try to teach kids to share and share alike, whilst also trying to instill in them, a sense of fairness. Then at the end of their school life, most kids get dumped into the real world, which is generally very unfair, because most of the time, the real world has most of them doing work for peanuts, The adults then get pissed of with them, because the kids keep saying, why is it so unfair. The adults then look at the kids and usually say something like, look don't you think it's time you grow up and started acting more responsibly, the kids then look at the real world and start to think, well as far as we can see, the adults don't seem to be acting very responsibly, famine, war, rich, poor, etc, how can it be like this? The adults then say look, you know all that stuff we taught you, about being fair etc, well the real world isn't really like that, that was just kids stuff, so grow up?

You know what's funny though, I guarantee you, that if you carried out a survey of adults and asked them to be honest about how they feel about the real world and the question was, so do you think the world is fair or unfair (and remember, to be honest), then what do you think the survey would say?

So remember, the kids may not be wrong, it may just be the truth, that you don't wish to deal with, because you're now a grown up?


Ultimately I believe, democracy and capitalism will collide in a very destructive way, that's if this technologies introduction, goes unchecked. If you have kids or want kids, then what type of future do you want for them. Do you want, more of the same, a world in which they become standardized graded, economically and ideologically controlled, automatons of the state or do you want them to be free thinking individuals, capable of making rational choices?

At the level I exist within society, I am surrounded by ignorance, I see why it exists and how it is perpetuated, from one generation to the next, it makes me sick inside. The elite have got to realise that if they want a better society, then it is down to them to change their approach to how they relate to the rest of us.

The people at the top, explain nothing to the people at the bottom, hopefully this eBook will.

Also Listen to some world leaders, when they talk about technology, it's almost in hushed tones, as if they know there is a massive change about to hit and yet they don't want to openly discuss it, because they and their respective governments, just don't as yet, have a handle on it. I also believe to some extent, that most of them fear it, because as this eBook spells out, they know they can't control it. But I will tell you this, that I have spent what seems like my entire adult life trying to figure out the impact certain technologies will have on society, so:-

Always look for the truth.

And always keep in mind, that politics is a dirty game.

Just remember its taken me nearly 30 years to acquire this amount of knowledge and over 8 years to write this eBook. The question you should ask yourself is this, do you think politicians know more about this stuff than me, because although they may have advisors, they still may not be getting the big picture and that's what I am trying to show you?

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Author Alan Keeling