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If you have any ideas about who should be in the powers the be list then let me know.

As this is shareware version 1 of this eBook, then I apologize for any problems, i.e. spelling, technical or grammar etc.

I am sorry if any of this eBook is out of date, but it is has become an almost impossible task for me to keep up to date

in all of the diverse fields described within this eBook, but I am doing my best.

A percentage of all sales does go to charity, so thank you and I hope you appreciate just how much time and effort went into making this eBook.

And just how many video's I had to watch, so as to find just the right ones to share with you, averaged out I wasted roughly two hours on every clip.

That's a hell of lot of wasted time, but I hope you have found it worthwhile?

Please report any problems you see on this page -such as broken links, non playing video clips, spelling or grammatical errors etc to:-

I don't have the time to individually respond to every email, so I thank you in advance, for your help.


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