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Thanks Page

Thanks to Shawn / Paul / Ste.R / Tommy.B / Jay.W / Chris.B / Terry / Rob / Clint / Harvey / Dave N. / Big Eddy / Bob

Sandra B (yes you - love of my life) / Sal / James / Jill / Dan

Thanks to BEV for the front cover artwork and Jan


Mat From Earth and John T Draper.


Thanks especially to Jordan Pollack for all his good encouragement and making me see that this eBook even has the ability to make someone at his level think twice about A.I. / technology and the direction it could all take.

Also Jacko of Falcon (email me) for helping me get started on the scene and Mark Anthony for explaining the concept of upper human dynamics + Snake (yes you Frank) + a few others,

Especially to Jan for putting up with me.

P.s. I know we will never end money or probably adapt the economy (or should I say, peoples thinking) fast enough to meet the coming chain reaction. So as I said, I'm moving to Easter Island and in that sense, thanks for purchasing this eBook?, the cash will come in handy. Heaven or Hell is my virtual product, the internet is my distribution network and you are the passing trade, this is my piece of virtual real estate and hopefully all my efforts here, will lead me into being offered something better to do, than toilet cleaning?

As this is the thanks page, then thank you for your money?

Although I am a bit of an idealist, I too have to live in the real world, which means I need money, but hopefully this eBook has shown you that I was both economically and ideologically forced into selling it. This eBook used to be given away free, but hardly anybody ever, even bothered to click on any of the adverts on my site and after over 3000 downloads, not one single person bothered to tip me, so at that rate, I could have starved. Also the system keeps demanding money of me and keeps badgering me to comply, but I just decided that the future they keep telling me I should be happy to work harder towards, was not one they had thought deeply enough about?

I think I'm right, on the other hand, they would have us all flipping fries and telling us not to worry, right up until the time, the flood defenses broke?

I have a feeling, that working in bars or only making just enough money to pay bills, will not save most of the people trapped in these types of economic situations, from the coming storm?

Please report any problems you see on this page -such as broken links, non playing video clips, spelling or grammatical errors etc to:-

I don't have the time to individually respond to every email, so I thank you in advance, for your help.


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Author Alan Keeling