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Section 4 / Pages 179 - 180

Almost finished, but before I go here's a final bit of advice.

If you're rich or young and good looking then don't bother reading this next bit, because in western culture that's all that really matters. Oh by the way, this is another good social tool, i.e. the powers that be like everybody to be healthy happy and fit, whilst also buying into the no-brainer social pap that is popular television, it equals a good healthy workforce that is easily led. It's also easier to rule a populace, which is more interested in sport, celebrities etc, rather than anything real. JLO insuring her arse for $200, million dollars, helps to keep the masses distracted, whilst the actions of the real powers that be, slip by unnoticed by a largely ignorant and apathetic populace?

Part of my problem is trying to find the time to do this, whilst also trying to find the money to pay even the simplest of bills. I don't even have the money to keep this level of research and dedication to this document up for much longer without having to go and get a stupid local job that would in effect, curtail my will to live. I'm not a useful product to most employers and I don't want that feeling I used to have when I worked, that feeling of  being used and feeling like nothing. Whilst at the same time, having those endlessly stupid conversations, with people who know nothing. Most of the people I used to work with seemed to be mind trapped in the mundane, never ever, talking about anything worth talking about, at least in my humble opinion? I spent five years in a peanut packing factory, in which 400 women used to sit at conveyer belt lines, putting packets of peanuts on  to pieces of card, I went slowly out of my mind, watching others who had spent over 40 years in the place, doing the same repetitive task, day in and day out.

I seen my entire future stretching out ahead of me, it was like some type of slow death, that's why I had to do this and get out of there. I thought I'd rather be poor and unemployed or strike out for something better, rather than slowly lose my mind, in this modern day work camp? Of course my training would have allowed me to join yet another work camp, I think this was my first real inkling that I had been setup in some way, it was a trap and my mind was looking for a way out, which in some ways, has led me to writing this eBook, I hope it leads some readers out of the mind trap, they may also find themselves in.

I kept asking, who am I working for - I had never even met the boss or the people who profited from my work, at the end of the day, nobody explained anything. I wanted to understand it all and yet nobody ever talked about any of these types of things. Small cog big machine - understanding the machine was part of my goal, God it's taken me years to figure it all out and yet I've come to realize, that the well educated, have it all explained to them and the rest of us have to play catch up, which is how the rich manage to stay ahead of the masses. They of course know that even if some of us do figure part or even all of these mind games out, then these clever individuals are usually still poor, therefore helpless to do anything about it and will still have to play the game, on the powers that be's, terms?

It's a lose, lose situation, usually for the poor person, who does figure out all these things, because all this additional knowledge, can lead to alienation. These poor enlightened ones as I like to describe them, find themselves alone, trapped, with no way back to their roots, without a mind wipe and no way forward, towards a better future - slowly driven mad, trapped in-between Heaven and Hell, with no choices? I speak from experience on these things. I like to think of it like this, if Bush Jr had received any type of praise from the top A.I. scientist on the planet, then it would probably have made headlines, such as "Bush is smart, it's official", on the other hand, I still face a system that say's, I should be cleaning toilets, I just wish I had the film footage?

I always wanted to go on the course, the one that taught me everything, but there are no exams that I can pass, in understanding the system, because, the people at the top, don't want the masses to understand.

I would love a job, that I respected?

Anyway I guess I could always make money by selling  crap on the web, someone tried to point out to me, that's exactly what I am doing, I said thanks what do you do again, they said, I work for Heat magazine? Anyway it is something I am capable of doing and setting up such a revenue stream is not beyond me, it just bugs me that I might have to, just to survive. This may sound nuts to some, I can hear the thoughts of many, God I wish I could make money out of the web and not have to do my silly little job, I just believe the message in this eBook, is more important, than any of the silly little jobs, that most of us find ourselves doing, in other words just generating wealth for others. You see, once you know all this stuff and you can factor it into your future plans, then the only logical conclusion,, is to try to do something about it, because almost everything else, becomes meaningless, in comparison. I don't believe there's time enough for me to become trained up as a doctor or some other profession, before the problems highlighted throughout this eBook, begin to manifest themselves, so making all that training etc, worthless. Anyway I know people like money, so that's what we should all be doing, in other words, just making money, for making money sake?
















It's the Ginsberg in me - materialism - who needs it?

This is a situation that now seems to be affecting billions of us. I like to call it, the EBay philosophy, they are making billions, even more than some countries and yet in reality, their not actually doing that much? This is an inherent truth, about the new world virtual economy, with lots of people making money without actually doing anything useful, which could ultimately be seen, as how many of us may end up. This may sound good to some, but the bigger question is, will the system, in other words the poor, find themselves groaning or eventually collapsing, or even, maybe revolting, under the weight of all these new, but rather useless, rich individuals, all expecting the poor to service their needs? Oh well, just maybe, technology will eventually rescue us all, from this potential nightmare?


Ps. I have now had to eat my words, economics dictates even the best of intentions, I took a job, because it really was a case of toilet cleaning or else.

Of course the rich have known this little trick forever, in other words, of course you can make money, whilst virtually doing nothing, it's called banking, so why is it, that the poor struggle so hard, whilst only ever seeming to make just enough to live? Of course the educated know this and also know the mind games that go on all the time, so as to keep the little people working and in their place? Plus of course the truly rich, don't have to know anything, after all, that's what they trained you for?

I just hope this eBook manages to enlighten at least a few of the little people, so leading to a fairer system which puts people first, rather than wealth?

A childish approach to my situation?

Anyway here are some simple golden rules I have come up with when being forced to apply for a job:-

For most standard non critical jobs, where you are just employed to make some company or individual better off than they already are.

The first thing to keep in mind, is that most employers will only employ you if you are making them at least double what they are paying you, remember they employ you to make them richer, not you.

So at any job interview, keep in mind these simple rules:-

1. When they ask you," who are you"?, or similarly ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself:-

The correct answer is - I'm a human being, (short pause to let it sink in, followed by)

 Who the hell are you (wait for reaction), then laugh.

The politically correct answer is of course:-

 I'm (insert name) - followed by, I'm an -( insert past job descriptions.)


Here's my CV which tells you exactly what type of product I am, what type of standardisation I have had applied to my brain, along with the grade I have been awarded, oh yes and I am a one dimensional being.

I told you it was childish, but when your being offered minimum wage, opportunities, what do you expect?


2.  When asked what qualifications or experience you have, then the correct answer is:-

I've managed to survive on this rock for "insert age"....

Wait then say

How about you.

Wait again:-

 Then follow up by saying

"Anyway what makes you even think you have the right to ask me these questions, is it because I'm poorer than you, and why can't I sit on that side of the desk.... I could do your job, seems easy enough, anyway how much are you on and am I here just to be exploited and to become yet another slave to the rich"?

Politically correct answer:-

" I'm a straight A student, with qualifications up the ye-yang and a billion years of experience, even though I'm only 18?".

 and of course don't forget to smile, whilst being a sycophant and kissing arse.

I can imagine the person behind the desk asking me, so why are you here:-

My reply, because I was forced via all of the subtle manipulations which most people are unaware of?

What do you mean?

Well it's kind of long winded, but if you would care to read my eBook.

Oh comes the reply, tell me more:-

"Well, I've written this eBook you see and if you would like to read it, it explains why this interview for whatever job you wish to give me, is ultimately pointless along with whatever business you are trying to build".

As for qualifications - in my case, my book is my CV and if you don't get it, then it's not my fault you're stupid?

And my favourite question:-

3. "Why do you want this job"?

Politically correct answer - now this is what you should be saying:-

"Because I think your firm is just smashing, I think I would love it here and I think given the opportunity, I would fit in very easily and do a very good job. Also I think the recommendation I have from the top A.I. scientist in the world, will lead to many advancement in my career, within your pizza franchise" ?

 blah blah, bloody blah.

Right answer -" Who the hell cares and have you taken a look at the state of the world lately, not to mention, the coming A.I. and nanotechnology problem".

Wait again, judge response carefully and if not met by the right reaction

follow with:-

 "Or have you been too wrapped up in your own little world to care....prat".

My way = no job, but at least it's the truth.

The other way - proliferates the business model therefore condemning us all to the chain reaction.

When asked what do you want to be or what do you want to do with your live, think before you answer, I mean really think, especially now you have read this eBook, because now just like me, you should be able to factor in all this information into your future plans.

So what role, do you foresee yourself playing, in this very probable future?

Flipping burgers, a doctor, scientist, politician, A.I. expert, I.T. engineer etc, like I said, none of these things are going to matter much and the people who are now training for these things or the people wishing to become these things, should seriously start to question the future they face?

I actually used to go out with a girl, who is now a fully qualified brain surgeon (I'm not joking), but she knew next to nothing about computers or technology and it's amazing to watch her, when I talk to her about some of the things I mention in this eBook. The shutters come down and the lights go out, because it doesn't fit in with her plans for the future, I wonder how many others act just like this.

This to me, is like the thinking of the people who chose to stay in Louisiana, even though they where warned and there was plenty of signs that it would happen. Victims of there own stubbiness, ignorance and inability to comprehend the true scale of what was about to happen, this to me, is indicative of the thinking of most people, when confronted with most of the issues raised in this eBook.

I say

face the truth of it


become a victim of it?

Aim higher they say - old ideology meets new technology, laughable.

In the old days they would check your teeth and strength, now they ask what level you have been educated to.

Cool, so how much do you think I'm worth boss, 10 grand a year or maybe 20, oh please buy me,

I'll be a good worker sir.

They should train you to become a gangster rapper, earn millions, be thick and talk crap, easy job if you can get it.

Plus why should I work within a system, that I believe will eventually lead to chaos and ruin for the whole human race.

God I can see the logic circuits switching and the electron flow through the chip, not a very useful skill though, when confronted by officials, that say, we have some toilet cleaning work lined up for you,

Yeah sign me up honest and while you're at it, why not just put a gun to the back of my head.

Just say NO to being a sycophant and tell the truth.

People have said to me, well why don't you do something about it then, I said, what do you think this bloody eBook is about?

Today's truth? - the big bang is reckoned to have created the Universe about 14 billion years ago, so our NOW is just a blink of an eye in cosmic time.  So how come enjoying our now for most of us comes down to how much money we have, it doesn't have to be this way, there has to be a better way of doing things and we had all better look, to how this goal can be a achieved. Living in equality and in peace is the goal, but the current systems we have only work for the people who can afford them, so is this right and do we allow this current status quo to continue indefinitely.

Now is important, because after all, NOW is all we have, just waiting and hoping it will all get better is not an approach we can continue to take, change is inevitable and the technology that is currently being developed could free the worlds workforce from the drudgery of mundane work. If the economy is changed and this technology is employed in the right way, then as Eric Drexler dreams, utopia is achievable and we should all want that. Also keep in mind, that most training available will lead you into becoming a singular practical product and as a singular product, all you can do, is sell yourself to one owner, (sorry person / business) at a time. So don't forget to not turn yourself into a product and go and learn to buy and sell stuff, after all that's what the stock market is all about.

 Oh sorry forgot, they don't pay you enough to get out of the box,

never mind being able to invest, oh dear what a pity never mind.

Now about that crap job?

Also I've head if you really want to get rich, then moving people around can make you a lot of money, although it's not always fool proof, as the passengers on the Titanic found out, so remember to pack em, stack em & rack em, I like to call this the Stelios philosophy? Plus remember most of the money spent in the world, is spent on keeping people happy, so why not supply a service so as to keep the people with money, happy. Charge a couple of thousand bucks a time, as many times as you can and as quick as you can, equals riches beyond believe, so what are you waiting for? Of course I spent a fortune on my Dharma sessions, but no matter how happy I felt on the inside, it still didn't seem to stop me from getting beaten up, on the outside?


If you have no money and you are unemployed and face a society that has labelled you, then you know why I wrote this.

Of course if you turn yourself into a commodity and then sell yourself to a global market, then well done, but fame can also be a curse, but at least then, all you have to do, is take your own photograph, so as to make a fortune?

I like to think of myself as a normal person living in abnormal society - want proof:-



I would be better off, having a Britney Spears endorsement, rather than the ones I do have, it would be more bankable?


As I said A childish approach to my situation?

Please report any problems you see on this page -such as broken links, non playing video clips, spelling or grammatical errors etc to:-

I don't have the time to individually respond to every email, so I thank you in advance, for your help.


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Author Alan Keeling