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The Future of Combat is also continuing a pace.

Russia's latest war planes:-

The Sukhoi SU47 Berkut or Golden Eagle - note the forward swept wing, also has stealth in built.

The Mig 1.42 / 4 claimed to be better than the F22 Raptor?

Of course when all sides get such weapons, then there will be no more wars?









I always wonder if the war fighters become disappointed, when they don't hear a big action soundtrack in their heads, whilst their blowing the shit out of things?

As you can see, the future plans for most of the world's military are well in hand, which just goes to show that the chain reaction scenario has obviously not occurred to them yet. The world's military are still in the grips of techno wonderment, check out the Future Combat System (FCS), this is the US's vision of how they will tame all conflicts in the future  If you read between the lines, then you can't help but see, how it will all turn out, it's bound to end up, turning into A.I. controlled, unmanned, automated  killing machines on acid, with all sides joining in the madness. I can imagine weapons contractors selling this stuff....yeah, it's really cool, it's got global reach and is capable of taking out individuals or whole cities..... great, the names Gaddafi duck (from Libya) and I'll take a dozen. Just as in Terminator 3, this technology maybe capable of being hijacked by an advanced A.I. system for it's own purposes, never mind humans?

Photo: AFP

A picture paints a thousand words or so they say?

A Pink Floyd lyric goes through my head, the lunatics are in my head.

The F35 is to be equipped with laser weapons and once the pilot is removed from the loop, then God help us. Don't worry precautions will be taken, nothing will go wrong, etc, just remember whenever human being's are involved in anything, then nothing is truly safe and secure?

Just imagine if the 200 billion dollars or so now being spent on the new joint strike fighter was put into alleviating world poverty or building better public hospitals, how about buying some tractors or giving homes to the homeless, just a thought, no it's silly to even suggest such things. I mean national security is obviously more important than saving people's lives?....(think about it).

Also how come in a global recession, the defence industry is still making a tidy profit, you really have to question the moral fibre on which this profit is made. Remember there's no money in peace, but small wars have always been profitable for most arms manufacturers. Oh well as the banking community will tell you, if there is profit to be made, then morality takes a back seat.

 For every weapon developed a counter weapon is needed and usually developed, where does it all end, if this ideology continues into an unchecked A.I., nanotech future, then it maybe profitable in the short term for some, but in the long term, we may all suffer.

In 2004 - the sixth successive year in which arms spending increased - the global total spent on munitions topped $1 trillion for the first time since the height of the Cold War. In contrast, the amount spent on aid over the same period was $78.6 billion, makes you think?

Is it a game, is it a film, no it's the American Army and my big blockbuster finish?


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