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Section 4 / Page 175


The A.I. Depot - Many thanks to Alex for such a great and totally unexpected review.

Fail Safe - Colossus: The Forbin Project (1969) - WarGames - Tron - The Lawnmower Man - Hackers - Terminator 3 - a lineage

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

James Clark Maxwell interesting character and if your interested in physics then this is good start point, Einstein certainly thought so.

An historical history and timeline of C.G.I..

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Grid computing planet for all your grid news.


You may want to wait for the Hollywood version?

Included for those people who have missed the point:- -

Seeing as how this eBook tells you how it might all end, I thought I would include a link to show where it all started. All the way back in the 1820s - 30s, with Charles Babbage and Augusta Ada Lovelace or if you really want to nit pick, see Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, 1646 to 1716, basically the inventor of the binary system.

Also see a more humorous version of how it all began.

Of course Heron and the Etruscans where the real geniuses?

Babylon 5 a  series everybody should watch and I would like to add, that the creator of the show J.Michael Straczynski deserves a medal for managing to get such a popular show, to work on so many levels. Lorien let them see, I've let them know?

On the Bab 5 note, homeland security sounds like nightwatch to me.

I mean just listen to the spin - a statement put out by are glorious leader -  "I ask the Congress to join me in creating a single permanent department with an overriding and urgent mission: securing the American homeland and protecting the American people. "America is leading the civilized world in a titanic struggle against terror. Freedom and fear are at war - and freedom is winning."?

Don't want to sound like a conspiracy theory nut, but just imagine if the terrorist threat's against the west went unheeded for so long so as to allow a new enemy to grow especially in the Middle East. Thus allowing a significant threat to become a real threat, culminating in the Sept 11th attacks. This one act more than any other, has become a battle cry for the powers that be, so as to allow them to implement all the things they couldn't implement under normal conditions. It also seems to have given them the excuse they have longed for, especially on the world stage, to go into Iraq and other parts of the world, under the guise of freedom and justice for all. The US is at war, so the rest of the world should look out, because it's their way or your dead. Just my opinion, don't take it all so literally, I'm on a roll.P2OG?

13 Days, a good example of military intelligence.

 You know what I found strange about the Cuban missile crisis, is that in effect, the entire population of the world had a gun put to its head by its own leaders and then the worlds population just carried on as normal. Seven or eight thousand years of civilization almost completely wiped out by a bunch of people still thinking they know best?

 Just goes to show what an incredibly powerful system it is or should I say just how stupid most of us are for accepting these types of people as leaders, remember power is given, not taken.

India V Pakistan showing how this situation can proliferate.

Help destroy a couple of buildings and become the world's most wanted man - threaten nuclear war - become a world leader?

WMD was sold to Saddam by the West, its a documented fact.

Watchmen, who's your common enemy?

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Author Alan Keeling