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Section 4 / Pages 173

The Macroscopic Neural Network

is of course the net of the future, the rational behind this, is as follows:-

As software increasingly becomes independent of hardware and with each connected platform eventually acting in the grid mode and as the virtual land grab scenario takes a hold. Then the real world, will increasingly be capable of being simulated in the virtual world, thus leading to an increasingly complex and accurate basic model being defined. The really worrying thing is, is that Microsoft and others are obviously gambling everybody's lives on the fact that they will be able to maintain control of such an advanced A.I. system. As this is exactly what Dot.Net and most other software systems will have to develop into. In other words, these networks will have to employ increasingly sophisticated transivity or learning mechanisms within their software architecture, so as to compete in the global market (see Implicit Query). As user input  is increasingly used as a mechanism within these networks etc, then automatic monitoring and software optimization will allow these systems to learn and evolve, if you see the point (see SIS). Bunch of  bloody idiots if you ask me, it's like playing with fire and never expecting to get burnt. Well when the house goes up in smoke, don't come crying to me, hopefully I'll make enough from this, to move to Easter Island, some 2000 square miles, away from the rest of you.

This is not a question of some massive new hardware infrastructure needing to be built, existing hardware is quite capable of running a lot of the stuff outlined within this eBook. It's only a matter of time, until a set of grid standards are defined and then widely adopted by the masses at which point, an MNN type system, maybe realised. The Net is currently a dumb system, but the protocols now being worked on could very well turn it into a smart system, and smarter than anything we can currently comprehend. As I pointed out earlier, this is about a system becoming more than the sum of it's parts, just like us. I see the introduction and wide adoption of some up and coming grid and quasi A.I protocols, as an incredibly dangerous move by governments and industry. We don't know what might happen, nobody does, but is it worth taking such a chance As I said, the ideology of capitalism is driving this, so governments and corporations won't stop for fear of losing out, to the competition.

Once a set of quasi A.I. and grid protocols are introduced and widely adopted, then the human race could be on a very slippery slope,. I mean, what is the ultimate goal, is it to produce a controllable self aware A.I. system, if so, then once it becomes self aware and it starts using global grid systems etc, then what?

Then just like a virus (see Sobig), it could all happen very quickly, this could be a form of software macroevolution at work.

Inside your brain, you have a model of the universe, your mind interprets that data

the question is

what will we put inside the mind of a machine.

To prove my case, then take a look at work being undertaken by web pioneer Tim Berners Lee (credited as the inventor of the WWW or World Wide Web), the first real building blocks of an MNN type system are already being laid in the form of the RDF standards. What he likes to call the Semantic Web, I construe as a slightly unwise step towards global brain building. The RDF standards as far as I can make out will eventually become very similar to the encoding I described on page 67, which is the prelude to an MNN type system developing. Also see mSpace a step in the right direction?

It also looks like DARPA, is out to turn the net into it's own pet A.I. project, scary?

Definition: The Semantic Web is the abstract representation of data on the World Wide Web, based on the RDF standards and other standards to be defined. It is being developed by the W3C, in collaboration with a large number of researchers and industrial partners. For industrial partners see Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). I get scared every time I hear their name, I just hope good old Tim, knows exactly who he's dealing with. As my mum said, if you lay down with dogs - then expect to pick up some flees or in this case, a huge bloody Rotwieler with glistening white teeth, bad breath and an extremely checkered history, so don't be surprised when you get bitten. Also its obvious to me, that DARPA or should I say some American defence and political  interests, are now out to exploit and somewhat control the proliferation of certain net technologies, such as advanced grid setup's, A.I. + certain types of surveillance technologies. Click >here< for more on this. Of course this is nothing new, as the web did grow out of  the TCP/IP standard invented by Vinton Cerf from Stanford and Bob Kahn from DARPA, so it's probably a natural progression as far as DARPA is concerned. This just reminds me of the ending in T3, where we see, the autonomous weapons division and the political elite saying to them, well you control Skynet and we control you and we all know what happened next?

The best and brightest have always been corrupted into working for the military industrial complex, smart people are appreciated and taken care off by the powers that be, especially if they can be used to further their own interests. Its a game that is played out with each new generation. I remember the DARPA robot challenge, a competition to build a totally autonomous robot that could navigate 250 miles of wilderness, whilst carrying out certain tasks. God just think of the money a competition like this, must have saved them on development costs, plus they could also get their reviewers, to look through all the applications for new talent. (God I'm a cynic). I always wondered just how many people and companies etc, thought about all the applications DARPA had in mind, for these new fun toys?


Gladiator - A tactical unmanned ground vehicle - it will also deploy non-lethal area denial and crowd control weapons - great - Robocop here we come?

It's one of many of these types of things in development..

Anyway back to the web:-

"The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation." -- Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, Ora Lassila, The Semantic Web, Scientific American, May 2001, = a system full of Apps, local descriptions, microworlds and smart tags etc, eventually combining into an MNN type system. Just remember communication is all down to the agreement of standards. human language is a standard. which has helped us all to communicate, these new web standards will allow the web to communicate in a whole new way. Imagine a future in which every machine connected to the web talks to every other, but unlike today's web, it starts to communicate in a smart way, just like humans. This is evolution at work, but compared to human evolution, this evolution maybe faster than are ability to control it.

Imagine the data contained within the web at present, has limited form or shape, with a limited amount of ways of being interconnected or interpreted. So try and Imagine the data as a set of jigsaw pieces, which at present have no interconnecting edges. What these protocols being introduced will do, is in effect give certain forms of data away of being connected with all other data, so eventually allowing for more relevancy to be attached to the data. Eventually allowing for every piece of  data to be interconnected to every other piece of data, forming a larger picture. This is what the MNN was aiming to do, as in make sense of all this interconnected information, so seeing the complete jigsaw puzzle for itself, but in this case, think of the jigsaw puzzle as a 4 dimensional model describing everything including time, within it's structure. At the end of the day, this is a massively complex programming problem, just trying to get different types of data from different systems to talk to each other, is trust me, very, very difficult and can require a level of programming expertise, that is beyond most mere mortals, but if these types of problems can be solved, then humans may give birth to a system, that in every way, may out evolve us.

Oh well don't worry about it, the great politicians, scientists and captains of industry will be there to save you once again and they promise not to be spending the wealth you earned for them, on some cruise ship with the rest of their multi millionaire pals, i.e. somewhere you can't get at them, when it all goes wrong.

In much the same way, the president of Argentina helped his people when the economy collapsed, what a sight, all his fans waving at his helicopter, followed by all of the banks shutting up shop. Wake up, self interest and survival instincts take over when your threatened, the rich are no different, they will just shut up shop and move to sunnier shores, whilst the rest of us will have to deal with the shit storm they have left behind them, just like Argentina.

By the way, I'm not saying that the introduction of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 3 will bring about all these problems, what I am trying to show, is that there seems to be an irrevocable path, the human race seems to be on, that at least in my mind, has only one logical outcome and that is, the development of systems that will eventually outsmart us all. The Playstation 10 / Gamecube 15 / Xbox 12 or a combination of grid systems, advanced net based operating systems, nanotech etc, seems to be locking the human race into a one track vision, in which new technology is produced which replaces older technology, but without any real foresight, of how this technology will impact on society, as a whole.

There are of course some visionaries who also see it?

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Author Alan Keeling